In this letter, I would like to address “fear”. There seems to be an “instinctual fear” and a “learned fear” does there not? For example, I presume that we are born without fear. I do not believe a baby is in fear of being hungry, I believe they are pissed because of hunger pains and that this is what makes them cry.

The learned fear is much more complex, is it not? For example, one person may have a fear of heights and the other can be a skydiver. I have a close friend that will not even row in a canoe because they are afraid of water.

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In this country, ignorance also plays apart of some people’s fear. I cannot help but think of guns, racism & technology that continue to breed fear from the ignorant.

It is my desire that you boys learn to work with your fear and use it as a teacher instead of a hindrance. There is a healthy fear that I believe that you boys have naturally developed. As you were raised, you were crafted to show respect, dignity and consideration for others as well as yourselves. If I found you lacking, then I administered discipline to guide you to a more noble way.

Please remember, the greatest fear should be that of losing your virtue. There are many things people can take and steal from you, your virtue is not one of them, you would have to surrender that in order to lose it.

There are many religious cults that breed fear to their people, this fear in turn breeds hatred. Stay away from the religions that claim that they are the only true religion. Stay away from religions that slander other religions. Keep away from religions that have spectacular theatrics. God knows who you are, he does not need a religion or another human to tell you what he thinks.

Did you know some people are afraid to love? It’s true. They are so weak, timid and shy and the fear of being hurt because of not having love returned is too much for them. I say have unconditional love and experience the freedom that comes with that. Love someone and do not be afraid to be hurt. Let love be your guide in life and most of all do not forget to love yourself first. If you do not know how to love yourself unconditionally, then you will never know how to love another.

Love Dad

p.s. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932

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