Avoid Ego Driven Individuals

Arrogance, pride and things of this nature reflect on the ego of an individual. The mine and yours illusion is fascinating to us who know we are all part of the whole. It is my intention in this article to help show you those people to avoid who are driven by ego centric mechanisms in …

The Spirit Poem | A Poem of Death by Maximus McCullough

When you see with no eyes When you hear with no ears When you taste with no tongue When you smell with no nose When you touch with no skin When you feel with no ego You will know you have made it Memento Mori

My Future Wife By Divine Providence | Stoic Thoughts

Dear Sons, This is a story about my future wife by divine providence however, she is already my wife. She does not have to guess my thoughts because she knows them. To call her a queen would be an insult the more appropriate term would be goddess and she feels comfortable being called that by …

Dear Godson In The Belly Of Your Mother

Dear Godson, You are now in the belly of your mother and your father informed me last week I am to be your godfather. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Second to your mother, father and family, I get to help teach you things. I’m very excited about it and pretty soon …

Betrayed? This Is What You Should Do | Stoic Thoughts

Someone once said, “In order for there to be betrayal, there must first be trust.” Betrayal is the opposite of faithfulness, isn’t it? Let’s work this backwards, who is responsible for the betrayal, the one doing the betraying or the one that trusted the betrayer? Judas Will Sell Your Hide Christ had a betrayer, and …

The Ontological Argument | Does God Exist? | The Best Evidence | Stoic Thoughts

Crows pick out the eyes of the dead, when the dead have no longer need of them; but flatterers mar the soul of the living, and her eyes they blind. – Epictetus

Compassion The Beginning Of Eternal Wisdom | Stoic Philosophy

“No school has more goodness and gentleness; none has more love for human beings, nor more attention to the common good. The goal which it assigns to us is to be useful, to help others, and to take care, not only of ourselves, but of everyone in general and of each one in particular.” — Seneca