I have had some enchanted experiences in my lifetime and recognized them as such even from an early age. In fact I inherently felt that such an abnormal thing was not suppose to happen and for me to be a witness of it was more of a curse or burden than a blessing.

The mechanistic world is lost because it does not understand poetry or philosophy and that my sons is where the real truth comes from. By these means we can truly begin to understand love, gratitude, feeling and more. Oh I might be an old sap however I am sure these means may explain better my situation and predicament as well.

Abnormal things are wonderful because they blow apart the mechanistic paradigm that culturally indoctrinates us all even without us realizing what is happening to us. There is no doubt strange things exist but what is even stranger is the hard core skeptics that make fools of themselves explaining strange things in a mechanistic way.

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The majestic waterfall fills our hearts with joy and wonderment. It is so satisfying to take it all in and experience the fresh air and the great sound of waters crashing against the water beneath. It even becomes more wonderful when you share that moment with someone you love. No one can take those feelings of love and admiration away from you unless you let them.

The skeptic however will try to steal your moment by talking a bunch of scientific gibberish that does not even matter. Furthermore it would be more admirable for him to be able to talk out of his ass because it would be more amusing.

I am playing, I am dancing to this symphony called life! It is not a problem for me to enjoy it, it would be a problem for me not to enjoy it. A mechanistic world view looks for reason not to enjoy life and to explain it away as a problem. Do not think too much, in everything there is moderation and peace.

Moment Mori

Love Dad

“It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.”
― Seneca

abnormal things are wonderful
abnormal things are wonderful

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