To Be Genuine | Stoic Thoughts

The genuine liar only lies to themselves. The genuine cheater only cheats themselves. The violator only violates themselves. To fool someone is only to fool yourself. The deceiver only deceives themselves. The rapist rapes themselves. You should never feel robbed when someone manifests undesirable characteristics because they do it to themselves.

When someone deceives you, let pity be your first reaction. Notice I specifically said “Pity” and not “Empathy”. The reason for this is that you should not empathize with a liar, cheater, thief, etc. They bring calamity upon themselves and live confusing lives. Divorce yourself from all such confusion because that lifestyle has nothing to do with love and compassion. Love and compassion are the key ingredients to a happy life and the most powerful force in the universe.

The Genuine Friend

To have genuine friends, we must be a genuine friend to ourself first. This starts with loving ourselves, being compassionate with ourselves. “Be nice to yourself,” I heard one brilliant man say. When you mess up, forgive yourself and move on. Who wants to be with an unforgiving, tyrannical person? So never be that way with yourself.

Make Changes

Let me share a story. Like many people, I was raised in a world of hate and deception. I was told that people outside of my religious beliefs were worldly and should not be associated with. I was deceived into thinking that god would soon kill all those people because they did not belong to this particular religion that I was a part of. After god kills all those “worldly people” who included my loving grandparents mind you, then everything would be all better. Trying to make sense of that as a child was mindboggling.

This may seem silly to many people but these kinds of things still happen today on different levels. Academia, science, politics, religious views, racism none of these things have the essential meaningful ingredients for a happy life. Only when you realize we are all part of a whole can we then make beneficial changes.

Focus on the Self

Focus on the self for meaningful change. Deep down inside you know what the good things are. Practice those good things on yourself then you will see clearly how to show them to someone else. Being right is not always the best thing, but being kind is always the right thing to do. I am not telling you something that you do not already know, you actually know this because this is who you are. How do I know? Because we are all part of a whole.


There is enough confusion in the world, no one needs us to add to it. We can always trace confusion to someone in want. Therefore, confusion is poverty. The association of poverty, want and confusion is correct. All one has to do is think of a liar, cheater, thief and you will see they all go hand in hand.

Making Sense

All good things “Make Sense” but why? Because the whole seeks to establish it. Our fundamental makeup is harmony and we naturally reject things that do not harmonize with the good. This is the very basis of our reasonings. Logic is flawed when it is not good, right? So if our logic does not harmonize with love and compassion then really, what good is it?

You Are The One In Control

Always remember that you are the one in control. What we face does not control us, but how we respond to what we are faced with is what really matters. We are not helpless victims of fate but rather, Alpha’s that deal with what we are faced with in a loving compassion manner. Make no mistake about it, love will make you powerful.


Why You Should Kill The Skeptic In You

Skepticism never entertains the thought of being wrong, but critical thinking does. Skepticism produces nothing, critical thinking does. The true skeptic is a non-believer, non-thinker, negative energy sucking vampire.

Why You Should Kill The Skeptic In You!

If there is one thing on this planet that will lead you into depression, anxiety and make you feel totally empty inside, it is skepticism. A genius does not become a genius by being a skeptic, neither does a bodybuilder become a bodybuilder with the use of skepticism. A race car driver, a firefighter, a chess player, musician, the list goes on and on. There is no functional activity that depends on skepticism! Furthermore, skeptics would do better by exercising critical thinking instead of training their minds into believing that everyone is lying to them or uneducated. How could they falsely put themselves on a pedestal of disbelief that does not exist? There is no such thing as healthy skepticism like there is no such thing as healthy rat poison. This is why you must kill the skeptic in you!

Skeptics Are Lazy!

To be a skeptic, you merely have to manifest a disbelief in something, anything or everything. This is all you have to do! There is no fundamental requirement for a skeptic to produce or believe anything! No work involved at all, no critical thinking needed because a true skeptic is lazy! Anyone can be a skeptic because there are no skills needed to be a skeptic!

Your A Skeptic? So sorry!

You can be skeptical and tell me that God does not exist, you can be skeptical and tell me I do not exist, both arguments are legitimate using a skeptics logic! This is where a skeptical mindset will put you. The same skeptics that claim we hallucinate our existence also claim that there are real things. What a paradox they create for themselves.

Circular Reasoning

Well now, the rabbit hole of circular reasoning appears. Are we real or aren’t we? Do not get your answer from a skeptic they are too busy doubting that too! A critical thinker will let you know the obvious, yes you are real! So is everything you believe and experience! Yes, even deceiving yourself is real! This is why you must be a critical thinker and kill the skeptic in you!

Solid Ground

Your belief system should be a solid ground foundation. A skeptical way of life will never give you that. People who constantly doubt themselves or are never sure about anything find themselves in scary places. I recently talked to a woman who is nearly 60 years old, and she is still trying to find herself. The insecurities of skepticism are not a protection but a self-destruct button!

You’ll Be Happier Without It

Without a doubt, skepticism produces nothing happy! It does, however, promote unhappiness and negativity. If there is one thing that you can live without, it is skepticism!

PS. Please do me a favor and share this article with a skeptic, maybe we can save the poor soul from the insane life they live!

My Future Wife By Divine Providence | Stoic Thoughts

Dear Sons,

This is a story about my future wife by divine providence however, she is already my wife. She does not have to guess my thoughts because she knows them. To call her a queen would be an insult the more appropriate term would be goddess and she feels comfortable being called that by me. I am already hers and she is already mine.

It may be that she experienced this place thousands of years ago. Maybe she was a slave, maybe she was royalty, but in either case she was the best at it. She does however have many scars on her heart and mind. This is a woman that has forgiven herself for any mistakes that she has made. My goddess learns from her past and lives in the present.

I do not tell her what to believe, her convictions are her own yet, they unify with mine. Acting on her own free will, she is benevolent, compassionate and loving. The strength to stand on her own and the ability to harmonize with our song. This is more than romance, this is genuine love!

In the eons of time we do not look for each other because we are already staged, we are present in spirit and mind. The earthly insecurities are not part of our passion. In our corner of the universe we rule with forgiveness, love and compassion. Our hearts are light towards one another and there is nothing heavy or weighing us down.

One touch from her finger is like a gentle ripple in calm waters that wakes my spirit. We come from the stars to this place for the human experience, and our memories erased. Our communication is not with words, but with an invisible force that is not defined in the current language.

Our children are our virtue, and our defining moment is illumination. Gravity is an understatement and the force that pulls us together one cannot argue with. The sound of us running towards one another is like water crashing. The smell of her kiss is the sweetest thing.

Our joy is to be present with one another, we don’t even have to talk. Although she is beautiful in her earthly skin, her true light shines from her spirit. Her eyes are honest, her heart is faithful, yes, she has fortified herself in every way.

So, what else can I say about my goddess? My wife? I could write novels, but it is not appropriate to expose all her secrets. I have told you a little my sons so that you know what to do.

Love Dad

Relationship Advice | Stoic Thoughts

Is it really possible to give good relationship advice that covers every person? No, of course not. Many like me are single, happy and fulfilled. Recently I found myself in a new situation, my baby boy turned 18 and is now a legal adult. Legally I have no one to care for other than myself and that is an insane feeling to me. Now, for the first time since I have been a teenager, I find myself in this situation.

Prepare for A Good Death

I am preparing myself and my family for my good death. This may sound morbid to some, but I actually entertain my absence from this place joyfully. Death is no big deal unless you did not do what you were supposed to do. My death will cleanse me of this weak mortal flesh that needs constant attention and unique circumstances to keep alive. I’ll look through that one way glass from the other side to see the lives I touched. No, I do not have a death wish, just curiosity.

Relationship Happiness

If you put 2 happy people together, chances are they will be happy. If you put 2 miserable people together, chances are they will be miserable. If you put a happy person and a miserable person together, chances are they will both be miserable. This is not an exact calculation, of course, but the point is if you want to be happy then work on yourself first. Then unite yourself with a happy person.

What Is A Happy Person?

A happy person is one that does not live in poverty. Poverty is the person who always thinks the grass is greener on the other side. They are always in want and wish for a thing after thing instead of enjoying the moment. A happy person is an Alpha person who believes in love and compassion. An Alpha Stoic does not believe that comfort is the answer to life’s challenges. The Alpha does not go from partner to partner to feed their ego. A happy person is a strong person, a strong person is an Alpha Stoic!

The Challenge and Fate {Amor Fati}

So the big challenge is finding someone in the world that actually believes this way, right? No, do not waste your time! Let fate be the judge and if the need be providence will furnish you a partner. Know who you are first and your worth. Work with nature and not against it. Do not give into your wants or desires unless you want to be poor! Do not try to make something happen, but be harmonious with what fate has provided you. Again, if you are in want or desire, you are poor and need to grow rich before you can be an excellent partner to an Alpha Stoic.

Marriage Material

I had a woman tell me she was “Marriage Material”. That provoked a thought in my mind, “What is Marriage Material”? I believe I laid out the basics for “Marriage Material” in the above paragraphs, at least for an “Alpha Stoic”. However, I like to think that I have love and compassion in my heart that another could appreciate. To me, marriage is a devoted partnership that the material world has nothing to do with. I think as soon as materalisim enters a marriage then it is over. Love based upon materialism is not love, but poverty.

Have Their Back

If there is no support in a relationship of any kind, then your relationship is a farce, yes? In a romantic relationship, the stakes are higher, right? You vow to share this physical, emotional, spiritual experience with this person until death, so what could be more important than support? So if there is one thing that is the most important, it is this, BE THERE 100%!

Cosmic Marriage

Oh no, now the mystic in me surfaces. I think it to be appropriate because I am not really free unless I am free to be as twisted as I want to be. Some have found their soul mates, some have not. Many of us have worked against providence to our own disappointment. There are also many of us who have been fooled or did not see the clear sign of deception. Working against a natural order is folly.

They hide the greatest mysteries of life in plain sight, no? How about a cosmic marriage that is eternal like the sun and moon? The constellations in the universe purposed to be together. Is there a designated partner, at least for some time in this place for everyone? Perhaps. Amor Fati, let fate decide and then love it with all your heart!







Atheist Failed Logic | Top 10 Blunders

For the record, I don’t hate Atheist or Skeptics I just like to argue with them because it’s fun. Their non-belief/belief failed logic is an impossible paradox that they cannot rectify. An Atheist has the improper tendency to claim belief in science, yet anyone who actually knows what science is will tell you it is not a belief system. Claiming belief or “faith” in science is like claiming belief in a screwdriver to solve all your questions, it is just a silly, foolish statement. Science is a method or a tool that is useful when applied properly but does not even come close, nor will it ever, to answering most of your basic questions.

Top 10 Blunders Of Atheism

Now that I laid the groundwork, let’s go over the top 10 blunders of atheism and their dysfunctional faith in science.

  1. How does non-living matter come to life? There had to be a start to life somewhere, no? If an atheist claims “belief” in science, one of the basic principles is that there cannot be life from non-life. They continue to promote this failed concept, but the fact remains that there has never, ever been life from non-life. They still have faith in an abiogenesis hypothesis with absolutely no logical resolution. Ironic that they use words like “could of” or “likely explanations” which are all “faith inferred” while expressing their views.
  2. Many Atheist are afraid that God may exist and they are Atheist out of fear and not out of rational reason like they claim. Maybe they want to claim innocence from ignorance? Atheist invent gods that are never referenced in history to use a strawman argument’s against the inference of a designer or creator. i.e. “Spaghetti Monster“. More often than not, an Atheist will admit that they “hope” there is not a god.
  3. Most Atheist will state how violent God or gods are or how unjust God is. If God were violent or unjust, how would that ever be evidence against him? Would that not rather be evidence for him? Atheist are an illogical, strange bunch, no?
  4. Ironically, Atheist do not realize that they have a “faith based” belief system, and it’s far from scientific. Nothing they present has any evidence at all when trying to debunk an intelligent designer. Their claim that they cannot disprove anything that does not exist is a faith based statement because their core belief is that natural things are the only things that exist. That is like claiming that love does not exist because they cannot quantify it with science. Believers correctly maintains that since there is a universe and life, it had to come from somewhere, even if that explanation is supernatural.
  5. Atheist claim God does not exist because of lack of evidence, then they will state they cannot disprove something that does not exist, therefore resorting to flawed circular negative logic. A believer asserts correctly something had to come from something. A believer has a scientific cause-and-effect interpretation based on good clear logical reasoning.
  6. When you blatantly show an atheist something exists, that cannot be scientific like “compassion”, they resort to terms like, “Science cannot quantify such a thing, but it is natural”. Well, how do they know something is natural if science cannot quantify it? Since science cannot quantify it like the existence of God, why do they believe it? Does this circular reasoning make sense to you? The idea that there may be a supernatural explanation is the biggest fear to an Atheist.
  7. The big bang is a big problem to Atheist. Atheist originally thought that the universe was always there and that it never had a beginning. When they discovered that there was a beginning, they then had to change their story to match their narrative. They will never admit that there may be a supernatural explanation, even though the big bang infers it in a large way. Ironically, they will tell theist to be humble and wait on science to explain it. Oh, the hypocrisy! Did they not establish that science cannot explain anything supernatural? So, if there is a supernatural explanation, then they will NEVER have the objectivity to explain it. Science goggles are tunnel vision and will never give you the broad scope on life’s big questions.
  8. There is a conventional moral cowardice with Atheism. If there is no god, you can do whatever you want. Why would it be irrational to get whatever you want if there is no god? If there is really no objective morality, why not take whatever you want if you can get away with it? At the core, Atheism is a self-serving, narcissistic enterprise with no moral basis. There can really be no right and wrong at the core of Atheism because their claim is “no belief” in anything outside of Science.
  9. If there is something they cannot explain, they blame it on hallucinations without even knowing what a hallucination is. This is a fail-safe to an Atheist because they have a hard time believing their own lying eyes. Hallucinations are a good fall back when an Atheist can only resort to a supernatural explanation. Many cults have these fail-safe explanations as well. These made up excuses are a weak defence, especially when Atheist rely on them to debunk the supernatural. When using this excuse they are in fact admitting hallucinations exist which in reality have no explanation in nature or science. What is a thought or a dream and do they exist, if so, are they true or false?
  10. If Hallucinations do not work an Atheist would rather believe that everyone is lying to them. When someone relates something extraordinary, an Atheist will resort to the flawed logic that everyone’s deceived except for them. Even when presented with clear physical evidence of extraordinary events, their first move is to be skeptical and deny. There are plenty of examples, just search for them.

One more bonus point of Atheist flawed logic.

  1. The science goggles they pretend to wear only works when it fits their narrative. Can the thoughts they think be natural? What is logic and reason? The flawed belief that science is going to anser all one’s questions is like believing that this article is the only piece of literature that was ever written.

Top 10 Most Common Atheist Arguments, and Why They Fail

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Dear Godson In The Belly Of Your Mother

Dear Godson,

You are now in the belly of your mother and your father informed me last week I am to be your godfather. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Second to your mother, father and family, I get to help teach you things. I’m very excited about it and pretty soon you will come into this world from another world.

You will not understand a word of this letter for several years, and at present I am content with that. Maybe by the time you understand this letter, I will be in the world that you came from. Yet, it will not be before I get to spend some time with you for sure.

I have to tell you that you are coming to this world with many benefits. Many possibly fought over the position that you’re in. My confidence in your mother and father is 100%! They will give you all the tools to be happy and healthy in this life, and I as your godfather am eager to see how you use those tools and apply your knowledge.

This is a great opportunity to have this human experience, and it comes with many challenges. I teach all my children the greatest laws in the universe, especially the 1st and most powerful law. #1 Love and Compassion is the greatest law in the universe.


Be blessed with wisdom beyond your years. Be blessed with love in your heart and from above. The apex of your existence here will not be materialism or intellect, but virtue and all goodness. The key to your happiness will be your appreciation and thankfulness.

You will be naturally kind, so let no one steal that from you. There will be many entities seeking to rob you of virtue, some will be in human form and some in other forms. Here in this world many souls have become their own worst enemy, but this will not be you. You will love yourself and by this you will know how to love others.

Your mistakes will teach you. They limit us as humans in ability, but there are many things we have overcome by the use of our intellect. Regretfully, there are many that lost their humility because of technological advancement and greed. Many believe their intellect is the apex of their existence, but it has fooled them. You are coming into a world where these devices and influences will surround you. It will take great power to separate yourself from this kind of mind control, but I have faith you will do it.

Now that you have become human, remind yourself that good things happen to evil characters and bad things also happen to good people. Concern yourself only with the things that you control anything outside of this is needless worry. Never give pain a voice and make fear be afraid of you!

Much Love and Compassion

Your Godfather

Maximus McCullough

Image by skalekar1992 from Pixabay

This Is Why I Am Untouchable | Stoic Thoughts

I do not do things to be thanked, appreciated, or recognized I do things because I believe in them. I have all necessities and I am free of desire, this makes me untouchable and rich.


What People Value

Take value in what materialistic people do not take value in, and you will be rich. Who ever thought that practicing poverty could ever bring any value, but it certainly does. Do you prefer your children to be rich, do you need them to want for nothing? Teach them appreciation! It’s materialistic people who are enslaved, and only by the power of your mind can you be free. Money certainly holds some materialistic value, but the love of it cheapens the most noble of men.

Glory, Glory, Glory

Stand up and be recognized, be thanked, be appreciated! Yet, let me ask you, if you took glory away, would you still believe in the things you promote? If you are always looking for approval from someone else, then really do you have any convictions of your own? If you get glory from something you should have done anyway, why should you take value in it? Always be virtuous, even if doing the right thing is a death sentence.

The Wisdom Of My Friends

There is nothing I value more on this earth than the wisdom I get to hear from the wisest of my friends, especially when you get a peek into their private life and genuine convictions. I have shared many late nights with friends in deep discussions about the greatest questions. Revealing no names here is a peak into one of my conversations with one of my closest friends.

I just got done telling my daughter the other day that, some of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your lifetime are things that make you uncomfortable, but you do them anyway because you know it’s the “right” thing to do. Whether it’s giving a compliment to someone that has hurt you/ done you wrong, or whether it’s giving support to someone that you know, doesn’t give a shit about you or your feelings. You do it simply because it’s the right thing to do. And because you truly care about the well-being of others. That’s my favorite part about being your friend. We push each other.. even if it makes the other person uncomfortable, we do it because it’s what is in our friend’s best interest. Your friendship makes me want to be better. Your only as good as the people around you. And that is why I call you my brother. I know I’m not as eloquent as you are with words, but that shit is straight from the heart!


Loyalty to virtue is a must if you want genuine friends and fortunate children. This must exist within every individual and then to the whole. Loyalty to oneself is key because if you cannot be loyal to yourself, you cannot be loyal to anyone else. Furthermore, if you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else, including your own children!


You know what a poser is, right? Someone who seeks glory with never believing in anything is certainly a poser. Deep down inside everyone of us has a certain loathing for them. Ironically, even posers cannot stand other posers. Posers are miserable people because they can never define who they are. They play the part of many roles because there are no genuine convictions to bind them to virtue. They are fake like skeptics, never knowing what to believe in. Frequently they will betray people, never trust a poser!

Believing In Virtue

There is of course a training time like any skill or quality. Testing things out and crafting your personality into what makes sense for you. There are of course many dynamics and influences that you may have around you. Even a location will influence some of your characteristics. I find it amazing that no matter where you are in the world that we have these Objective Morals that are naturally engrained into our souls. This is like a map, so that we always find our way back home. The belief in virtue is like breathing itself, and no one should seek glory because of it. Practicing virtue is the thankless, unglorified right thing to do.


I DONT BELIEVE IN THE SCIENCE GOD | Critical Thinking | Stoic Thoughts

Life is an unsolved mystery and continues to be, doesn’t it? The idea that we can answer everything through a man-made tool such as “Science” is ignorance manifested. Keeping faith in such a tool to catch up with truth and reality is lame yet, the skeptics remain hopeful, pun intended. Why am I hostile about science today? Simple, because some people treat it like a faith instead of a tool that the originators intended it to be.


Faith In The “Science Religion”

Today the ministers of science encourage you to put your faith in science and anyone that challenges this doctrine is; made fun of as uneducated, put down and shunned. Evolutionary Scientist have their little “Hit Men” everywhere, always ready to take someone on challenging conclusions in the science community. It seems more like a cult than a discipline to critical thinkers, and if you accept something’s in Evolutionary science, they expect you to accept it all like cults do. Say something against evolutionary science and they will excommunicate you like some cults treat their former members.

The Tool Of Science

Science may tell you how something works, but certainly does not tell you why or how it comes into existence. Science is a discipline that is very limited in scope therefore many people using this tool must invoke their imaginations with it because of its inadequacies. This is where we have the problem of conjecture because there may be no way to observe, test and duplicate every issue.

Science and Nature

Many people believe Science is nature, but actually Science is the “Study” of nature. Within this realm there is a limited scope. Let me explain the “Science Goggles” that an “Orthodox Scientist” must wear. First, they must pretend they have no preconceived notions and have not any agenda. Of course, there is the “Hypothesis” or “Idea” about something that gets this ball rolling. From there, they institute a discipline mainly comprising 3 things.

  1. Observation
  2. Repetition
  3. Testing

They do this with the idea that they can identify a pattern or consistency every time they invoke these 3 things. If the outcome is not consistent, then it simply does not pass off as Science or they may change the testing method or strategy. This is actual science. No need for imagination, right? Ironically, if something continues to have similar end results, could that not identify intelligence? I, digress, would not want to offend the mindless, blind chance, indifference that so many so called “Evolutionary Scientist” adhere to.

Evolution Of Science

Oh my, what would Science be without conjuring the “E” word, EVOLUTION! This word is the golden ticket too many who proudly adopted its philosophies with great imaginations. This is where we get into the Science god and to have faith in it as the Apex of reason and understanding. This is where cult members hijack the term “Science” to promote their religious philosophy. Science in its infancy was pure unadulterated study of nature invented by Theist like Aristotle¬† , Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon and many more. Today these men would be a laughingstock too many evolutionary scientists that promote science as a doctrine instead of a tool that these men of God intended it to be.

Understand Extremes

Humans have a tendency to take things to extreme levels and distort the truth. They blindly trust in their organizations and establishments, no matter how outlandish their claims are. Many of us have heard that it is “Science that gives us all the creature comforts we possess, furthermore it is Science that is healing your diseases and sicknesses!”. Just substitute the term “God” for “Science” in those statements, and maybe your eyes will open. The fact of the matter is critical thinking, and necessity provides us with our comforts. We as humans have always made our lives more comfortable, no science needed, just critical thinking.

Unhealthy View of Science

In reality, is this not an unhealthy view of the tool science? Do male pattern baldness, old age, or even the common cold still exist? Back in the day, humans made idols to worship them and claimed they had extreme power. They put all their faith in these carvings of theirs and in their philosophies and guess what; they still suffered from diseases, pestilence, famine and death just like we all do today! So too will all the people that put all their faith in the science god, they all will suffer similar fates. The science god will not help these dedicated individuals or their legacy, everyone will forget them, just like everybody else.

Critical Thinking

Science itself is just another tool invented by “Critical Thinkers” and not the other way around. Skeptics are NOT critical thinkers, they just deny everything that they can in order to appear as a critical thinker. They are not intelligent and their only interest is to appear intelligent because they are glory seekers and not truth seekers. Skeptics produce NOTHING, remember that! Critical thinking instituted the discipline of science as a tool or method of understanding nature, but there is more to life than nature, isn’t there?

Evolutionary scientist introduce a paradox when they tell you that there is nothing else other than nature, but then when trying to discuss intelligent design in nature with these same people, they will tell you that this is outside of nature. Does it seem twisted to you that nature imagines things outside of nature? How is that possible if nature is all there is?

Is it not ironic that at the same time one does not qualify because of their “imagination” that same thing “qualifies” another person? Just look at all the imaginary information included in evolutionary science taught in school textbooks as absolute truth. Yet they throw out the intelligent design scientist because it does not match the paradigm or agenda of evolutionary scientist.

Examples Outside The Scientific Method

Here is the actual definition of the scientific method.

The principles and empirical processes of discovery and demonstration considered characteristic of or necessary for scientific investigation, generally involving the observation of phenomena, the formulation of a hypothesis concerning the phenomena, experimentation to test the hypothesis, and development of a conclusion that confirms, rejects, or modifies the hypothesis.

Here are some simple things that are outside the scientific method. This will give you an idea of the hoax put upon humanity today in the name of “Science”.

  • You cannot prove scientifically that you love your children, parents, friends or family.
  • You cannot prove scientifically that you wore makeup last week, not even if you had pictures. No, not even pictures are scientific proof.
  • You cannot prove scientifically that you went on a hike last year scientifically, even if you did. Again pictures are NOT scientific proof.
  • Science cannot prove whether global warming is good or bad
  • Science cannot prove that there are no unicorns, but it cannot prove that there are no goats or no horses either.
  • Science cannot prove whether you had a bowel movement on the first of last month.
  • Science cannot prove that Alexander the Great ever existed

Philosophy, History & Critical Thinking Presents The Real Truth

If it is truth you are looking for, then you will have to rely upon history, philosophy and critical thinking because within this realm there is “proof” and “evidence”. Science demands all these ingredients to even function, so it is disingenuous for anyone to imply they conduct a scientific method without philosophy or history. Science needs philosophy, history & critical thinking but they do not need science to function. The scientific method is not an “end all” and has presented a lot of false information in the past. However, the scientific method is still a useful tool, but it is not truth and makes plenty of mistakes.

When A Person Heals They Are Stronger Than Before They Were Broken

Pain is a teacher, isn’t it? I tell you my sons that comfort is the enemy, but why? I once heard a fitness instructor say, “It’s going to hurt a little now but a lot more later!”. Isn’t this the truth? When a person is a “friend of comfort”, it becomes their only priority in life and they fail to see value in a little pain.

Pain Is My Teacher

My body is my slave, I am its commander and chief. No one has more power over my body than I do. My mind is mine alone, and the horrors that it possesses may teach me or drive me insane. I determine the outcome and its very thoughts. All my influences are subject to my interpretations of them. I am the responsible party that dictates what they do and how they make me feel. I shall break mold after mold, I shall craft myself into a better person according to my virtues. I am a humble student of nature that indeed inflicts pain on this mortal soul of mine. Memento Mori!

Broken Souls

There are many types of broken souls, are there not? Some are born broken, and some are made to be broken. Do you want to know what true strength is? It is to humble yourself after you are humiliated and broken and then to rise again in a new mold, a new frame of mind. You are the craftworker of your own spirit. You determine whether it will be a good or evil purpose.

Your Vision

Far sightedness is a gift that the best navigators have. Jet pilots, Truck Drivers, Ship Captain all must share this very fine quality. Your perception is everything with navigating your life, isn’t it? When you have faulty perception, the cost will be high and it will also take from you value you did not even think was there.

All Pain Is Imagined

It may be helpful for you in the distant future to remember that we imagine all pain. Pain is only real if we imagine it to be so. Years ago, I once witnessed a man who’s finger was chopped off by a crane, to my surprise he was laughing. He remarked he had that finger for 70 some years and now finally gone and its only worth $2000 from the insurance policy. No tears, no sadness, but an expression of the pathetic cash he would receive because of his finger being amputated.

What About Loss?

Often it takes some time after a loss to let the reality of it set in. This is because we have to reimagine our life with the loss. Our refusal to imagine our life with the loss is the problem. Remember how we discussed living in the present because the present is all we have? This is what you need to remember with loss. This can be the loss of a loved one, a marriage, a job, a home and a position.


Look in that mirror and smile. That person smiling back at you is the one in control. That person can either love or hate you. That person can support or destroy you. That person can make you powerful or weak. YES, that person will make you who you are today!

Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay