So, I get a lot of attention for being an Alpha Stoic Male, however, that is not the only intention of my content here. The term Alpha Stoic can also refer to a woman as well. They are the highest caliber of women that high quality men seek after. It is time we recognize them and give them the attention they deserve because they will never ask for it like their beta counterparts.

What Is An Alpha Stoic Woman

The Alpha Stoic woman is the best woman you could possibly imagine. She is compassionate, loving and brave. In fact this kind of woman must be very brave in a world of low caliber women. This woman is not afraid to go against the grain. If you think about the modern woman and their man bashing philosophy an Alpha Stoic woman is surrounded by beta women. Quite the opposite she recognizes the masculine role and respects it. This is where true strength lies within the Alpha Stoic Woman and she will not give into the failing philosophy of feminism .

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She knows how to forgive because she has forgiven herself for mistakes that she has made. Another trait is she lives in the now time. Her reactions are stoic because she does not worry about what she does not control or does not have. Man bashing is not on her agenda, in fact these kind of ideologies disgusts her. Appreciation and thankfulness are a big part of her personality. Modestly adorns her clothing and you will not see naked or half naked pictures of her on social media. This kind of woman does not go from partner to partner, in fact to find a single Alpha Stoic Female is next to impossible.

Beta Women

Unfortunately we are surrounded with “Beta Women”. The term Beta Women refer to those women who are constantly man bashing and complain continually about everyone and everything. A beta woman is narcissistic and an energy sucking vampire that will not only destroy their lives but every life they touch. They engage in the most reprehensible behavior then justify it with a flawed premise. These beta women blame everyone else for the way they feel and take no responsibility for their own behavior. The fault is always someone else’s. In other words, they are Feminist’s that engage in all kinds of deplorable activities. They are weak and victimize themselves continually.

Beta women either hate their fathers or have a Simp as a father. Never appreciating the masculine role and it’s very important place in society and culture. They surround themselves with Simp beta males.

The Feminist Delusion

Feminisms was crafted to create beta women and to challenge the masculine role. It use to be that women were held to a high standard. To be an “Alpha Stoic Woman” was expected of a girl; to have dignity, grace, morality and bravery. However, these days just the opposite is true. The more you downgrade men the more you are praised for being “brave” however, that is not bravery at all. These beta woman are sheep following every deprived teaching the feminist endorse. Here are some terms that these beta woman use often when referring to men.

  • Misogynist
  • Male Chauvinist
  • Woman Hater
  • I’m a strong Independent Woman
  • I’m a proud Feminist

They believe these terms give them power when in reality it only makes them weaker. In fact when a woman starts talking about how she is a strong independent woman you already know the delusion has overtaken her. Run away as fast as you can! I cannot recall ever hearing a man saying that he is a “Strong Independent Man” in fact that just sounds silly saying it.

How They Tore The Women’s Role Asunder

You can easily convince anyone that they are missing out or losing something in life just by getting them to feel sorry for themselves. Especially a beta person who are all gullible. I believe it took this long of a time to accomplish the women’s demise because originally women were very strong Alpha’s. Yes, women took the lead in their role as a woman, there was pride, dignity and respect in it. Just take a look at the older black and white films. For the most part they were strong dignified women and most of all they were happier than the women we see today. Women’s poison came from within their own realm. However, most women did not fall for it right away, it took a long time.

Who Established The Traditional Women’s Role

Men did not establish that women’s place was in the kitchen, Women set this up for women back in the day. Women established that a “Woman’s Place” was in the home, taking care of children. We were not taught this by our fathers, we were taught this by our mothers and grandmothers. If a man states this, it is because that is what he was taught by his mother or grandmother, certainly not his father!

Think about it for just a minute. Being at home , being able to do whatever you want every day. Picking the entire families meals and telling them to be thankful for it. Decorating your house however you want it to be. As a woman you created your environment and were the goddess of the house. Having tea time with your friends and neighbors while your man goes out and works everyday to make money for his family. You really think the man was robbing women of something? This is why it took so long to convince women that they were missing out. Most women looked at these lying “con-artist feminist” women like they were crazy and rightfully so!

What Was Expected Of Men

Ironically, think of what was expected of men. If a man did not take care of his family he was considered “no good”. If you found him at home all the time you considered him lazy and a lover of comfort. No one including his friends would want to be associated with him. He must give his life for his wife, family and country if asked to do so. It is still required of men to register for the service once they turn 18 years old. He had to go to work everyday even if he didn’t like his job. Then when he got home had to do home chores and address the children’s needs. He was expected to be smart and perform maintenance on anything that needed it. If the toilet was clogged he was expected to take care of it even if it meant crawling under the house to fix a sewer filled pipe. If the roof was leaking he was expected to fix it.

He was expected to be the protector of his entire family and he was expected to do all of this without complaining. It was an honor for a man to take care of his family. So now, maybe you are getting the picture? What really were women missing out on? Now, you know why traditional women were looking at the beta women like they were crazy, because they actually were!

Who Robbed Who and Why?

Put on your thinking cap for just a minute here. Granted there were a few women that did not like the idea that other women came up with their role. So they rebelled against these traditional women who set up a good life for women in general. So in order to dismantle it, they blame who? The man of course! The beta coward women who feel sorry for themselves had to convince other women that they were being robbed “by men”, If you can convince enough of them then you can start a movement. Therefore we have what we have today. Chronic complaining beta women who were deceived by these feminist females’ that they were being robbed of something in life when, in reality, they were being conned into believing a lie.

Beta Men

Now just think of it, a beta man can look at a struggling women and justify the comment; “women can do whatever a man can do”. They do not even have to consider her traditional role that her grandmothers set up for her. Because the beta male knows that is wrong and chauvinistic, PUN INTENDED. You should be able to do whatever a man can do so good luck and good bye if you can’t keep up. No compassion needed, in fact now the beta man can dress up as a women and go play in women’s sports to demolish women. “You can do anything a man can do” or “Equal Rights” has come to it’s full fruition. Yes, it was the beta women who created this crazy role and beta men are for it 100%.

Consider The Alpha Stoic Woman

Now, please, consider the Alpha Stoic woman witnessing all this craziness happening before her eyes. Her entire world is foreign around her. Even though she is in check with reality and does not even want to do what men do, she has too. It was the beta bra burning women that ruined her role. Now, she has to go out in society to personify a role her grandmothers never intended for her to have while the beta men are laughing all they way to the bank!

Recovering Feminist

If you have found yourself as woman who has been deceived by feminism you have found the right place for compassion. Everyone makes mistakes and fails forward. Understand that Alpha Stoic’s are not against you, they are for you! On your road to becoming an Alpha Stoic Female, we are here for you! We only reject the philosophy of feminism because it has ruined the females’ that we admire. At the same time we are NOT a “Woman Haters” club but quite the opposite, we love and admire “Alpha Stoic Women”!

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