Arrogance, pride and things of this nature reflect on the ego of an individual. The mine and yours illusion is fascinating to us who know we are all part of the whole. It is my intention in this article to help show you those people to avoid who are driven by ego centric mechanisms in order to promote their self importance. To reflect and reveal delusions of grander is a good exercise in order for you to include sincere friend worthy people in your life.

Extreme Example of an Ego Driven Individual

In order to identify the subject matter here, I would like to use history as a starting point. Almost 100 years ago there were the Nazi’s headed by an in individual who believed by providence and fate that he was chosen for his role. Additionally, this was obviously true because it happened. However, did it make this man right? Did it make him virtuous? Well, of course not and as it played out he become one of the most hated men in history. Why? Because his integrity was to himself and not to virtue.

Think About This

Think about this for one moment please. If you were able to acquire the power, money, fortune and fame would your integrity to virtue hold fast? Perhaps, you would give into your ego and feel that since you acquired the materialistic wants and desires in life that somehow you are better and your life is worth more than anyone else’s? If you feel that you are destined for greatness then you are exactly like the person mentioned previously. In other words, an ego driven meaniac.

Get Notified

Maturity Promotes Virtue

When we are born, the only thing we think about is our comfort. Eating, sleeping, and crapping our pants. As we grow, we become aware that there are other people in this world who indeed have the same necessities that we do. Somewhere along the way we are introduced to concepts that promote our ego driven nature. Idolization, fame, fortune, power, envy and so on. A struggle ensues into our psyche between greed and virtue. Ironic that these 2 are at odds. One represents the flesh while the other represents the spirit. The people that mature are the ones that do not give into this ego centric nature. However, the others will endeavor to lavish themselves materialistically into a world of delusions and grander.

The Acquisition of Virtue

When most people see someone rich they think of who the rich person ripped off in order to acquire the riches. Why do people think this way? Because history has taught us that the ego driven maniacs’ will do anything to acquire wealth, even if it means hurting other people and giving up virtue. Some are so ego driven that they will commit suicide if they fail to acquire their wants and desires. Ironically, the acquisition of virtue is exactly the opposite. The acquisition of virtue means that you will never compromise under any circumstances your good nature.

Example Of No Compromise Of Virtue

Let me give you an example of an individual who would not comprise his virtue. During the Nazi occupation of Poland there was a Commandant Commander by the name of Amon Göth of a concentration camp. He ordered a man to rape a 14 year old girl or he would be shot. When the man refused, he was shot.  Virtue is priceless and the only way someone can get it from you is if you surrender it. Some may argue, but the man lost his life, however, that man never lost his virtue and is remembered that way.

The Deception That Works Better

We have examined extreme cases of ego driven maniacs’. However, it may be that they did not start out that way. Like the carrot in front of the jackasses mouth people are lured into a fantasy of the ego centric nature, feeding the flesh and giving into their wants and desires. A showy display of their materialistic approach to life. When you understand that a person is envious of others, that would be a good time to start keeping your distance from such an individual. At least be cautious of them and their ideals.


“Almost nothing material is needed for a happy life, for he who has understood existence.” – Marcus Aurelius

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