Embarrassment is Weakness Dangerous Senseless and Pointless!

Embarrassment is weakness, dangerous, senseless, and pointless. It will keep you from doing meaningful things in your life. A person who gets embarrassed easily will not ask for help when they need it. Shy people are comfortable in their box, never straying too far from what makes them feel content. There is an old saying …

The Spirit Poem | A Poem of Death by Maximus McCullough

When you see with no eyes When you hear with no ears When you taste with no tongue When you smell with no nose When you touch with no skin When you feel with no ego You will know you have made it Memento Mori

Don’t Think – Take A Moment To Just Exist

If you ponder it, we are always thinking about something, are we not? Who to see, where to go, what to do and so on. We catch away our minds, filling every moment of our existence with thinking about something. At the end of the day, many of us fill our minds with the news, …

This Is Why You Fail

Every wonder why you fail? It could be that you are delusioned by time. Perhaps you were brainwashed into thinking that you had power over the future or even the past. Please watch this video for the full explanation.  

To Be Genuine | Stoic Thoughts

The genuine liar only lies to themselves. The genuine cheater only cheats themselves. The violator only violates themselves. To fool someone is only to fool yourself. The deceiver only deceives themselves. The rapist rapes themselves. You should never feel robbed when someone manifests undesirable characteristics because they do it to themselves. When someone deceives you, …

Atheist Failed Logic | Top 10 Blunders

For the record, I don’t hate Atheist or Skeptics I just like to argue with them because it’s fun. Their non-belief/belief failed logic is an impossible paradox that they cannot rectify. An Atheist has the improper tendency to claim belief in science, yet anyone who actually knows what science is will tell you it is …

This Is Why I Am Untouchable | Stoic Thoughts

I do not do things to be thanked, appreciated, or recognized I do things because I believe in them. I have all necessities and I am free of desire, this makes me untouchable and rich.   What People Value Take value in what materialistic people do not take value in, and you will be rich. …

I DONT BELIEVE IN THE SCIENCE GOD | Critical Thinking | Stoic Thoughts

Life is an unsolved mystery and continues to be, doesn’t it? The idea that we can answer everything through a man-made tool such as “Science” is ignorance manifested. Keeping faith in such a tool to catch up with truth and reality is lame yet, the skeptics remain hopeful, pun intended. Why am I hostile about …


I live in the moment; I learn from my past and contemplate my future. I will not worry about things I do not have control over. It will not bother me. It shall not control me, I shall control myself. I will honor my virtues. I am Alpha, not Beta, I am the leader of myself!


There is no greater way to impress yourself than by practicing humility. First recognize you will not be the greatest and best at a certain activity. You will not be the richest and you will never reach the apex of financial wealth. The most important thing in your life are your virtues.