We, as humans, make different things for different purposes. Humans create paper to write books to read and yet, with a similar process, we make toilet paper. People purpose things and value them differently. Ironically, they even do that with other people.

Vessels Of Glory and Destruction

With the same trees, we can build beautiful houses or make fire wood. With the same pottery, we can create coffee mugs or toilets. The same steel can give us cars or bombs. The list goes on, but we perfectly understand that we make things for different purposes.

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Stoicism, Theisim & Atheisium

No matter what kind of religion you belong to, or even if one is an atheist, a person can think like a Stoic. Atheist and theist can both be stoic. What’s the difference? Could it be that one is born for a more glorified purpose than the other? Personally, I think an Atheist is a poser. Their writings are more fit for toilet paper than for writing paper. The only value they truly add is perception. Knowing they exist, as a believer, you can actually see what the horrors are by their perceptions and writings.

The Audacity

Am I proposing that God actually created atheism for a dishonorable purpose? Yes, that is exactly what I believe is going on here. The glorified believer should see the perception of an unglorified unbeliever. Since God does not craft a believer in that mold, they can perceive better what they are by witnessing them. This actually does not phase the staunch atheist, anyway. Does God program them to think like a believer? Do they sense any closeness to God? They can’t! In fact, just the opposite is true. They feel compelled to insult believers. Could this be out of jealously? Perhaps, but the fact remains there are people for honorable purposes and dishonourable ones. Amor Fati!

Atheist Stoic

So how can an atheist be Stoic? They can accept their subordinate role in the grand scheme of the whole. Realize they can only control what is in their power. A good Atheist Stoic knows to stay on their side of the fence. They should record nothing that has to do with their atheism. They should hide it like a venereal disease. Bury it and hope that it never raises its ugly head. They should be more ashamed of it than breaking wind in a confined space. There is nothing more shameful than atheism. Their greatest day will be their last when they shed their shame to see the truth. Memento Mori!




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