This Is Why You Fail

Every wonder why you fail? It could be that you are delusioned by time. Perhaps you were brainwashed into thinking that you had power over the future or even the past. Please watch this video for the full explanation.  

So You Want To Be Happy, Really?

Do you really want to be happy? Happiness takes work, thought, and most of all, appreciation. Being thankful is the first step to happiness. Remember that you are the responsible one for your happiness. No one else can do it for you. Who You Hang With Toxicity is on the rise, it infects people with …

Why You Should Kill The Skeptic In You

Skepticism never entertains the thought of being wrong, but critical thinking does. Skepticism produces nothing, critical thinking does. The true skeptic is a non-believer, non-thinker, negative energy sucking vampire. Why You Should Kill The Skeptic In You! If there is one thing on this planet that will lead you into depression, anxiety and make you …

This Is Why I Am Untouchable | Stoic Thoughts

I do not do things to be thanked, appreciated, or recognized I do things because I believe in them. I have all necessities and I am free of desire, this makes me untouchable and rich.   What People Value Take value in what materialistic people do not take value in, and you will be rich. …


There is no greater way to impress yourself than by practicing humility. First recognize you will not be the greatest and best at a certain activity. You will not be the richest and you will never reach the apex of financial wealth. The most important thing in your life are your virtues.