Do you really want to be happy? Happiness takes work, thought, and most of all, appreciation. Being thankful is the first step to happiness. Remember that you are the responsible one for your happiness. No one else can do it for you.

Who You Hang With

Toxicity is on the rise, it infects people with demented ideals. Keep your eye out for energy sucking vampires that are like black holes. What is their motivation, what do they desire, who are they? When you hang with sick people, then it is only a matter of time before you become sick. When you hang with positive people, then chances are you will change your mindset to be positive.

You Make You

There are people out there that claim that other people make them feel happy, sad, mad and so on. What they are failing to realize is that they are the ones in control of how they feel. You are the one that has power over the way you act and react. You are the one that is responsible no matter what anyone else does or says. Realize that the power is yours, no one else can make you feel anything.

Get Notified

Take Responsibility For Yourself

Many times we see weak people blaming others for the way they feel. Think of relationships where we may have a couple that are so happy at first, then after a while, they blame their partner for making them feel bad. You can only be miserable if you choose to feel miserable. Even though you are with a partner, your happiness depends on you! If you are blaming someone else for the way you feel, then you are the problem, not them.

Death and Happiness

Let’s just cut straight to the point, shall we? People argue the point that life is miserable when someone we love dies. Let me ask you this question, who in this life does not die? This is a weak point. You will shed this flesh one day and so will everyone that you love, hate, or do not even know of. Every morning when you wake up, the chance that someone you know or love is going to die increases.

Emotions Take Over

Sometimes even a happy person is overwhelmed by emotions. Sadness can consume their thoughts at times. It is only normal to undergo a process of mourning when we lose someone close. We must let this process come to full fruition. Why? Because in this sense, your mourning will bear fruit. It will make you a stronger, happier person if you let it. We must endure such experiences in our lives to make us a fortified, genuine, pillar of love. I choose to celebrate the life of my children who have passed, not mourn their deaths. I am thankful that they were in my life and the same is true of my father, sister, friends, and other family members.

The Thankless Are Poison

Thankless people are poison and there is nothing you can do about it except stay away from them. Protect yourself from thankless people. Your realm is your domain. Do not pollute it with unappreciative, thankless, weak people.

How To Identify A Thankless Person

To identify a thankless person, you first must be a thankful person. Entitlements have poisoned humanity in ways that seem unrepairable. Vengeful people that are always seeking reparations are miserable, poisonous individuals. Why? Because they train their mind to think in the negative. To be a positive force, you must be thankful. A person who always feels like we owe them something is never happy.

NO, IS A Powerful Word

NO, is a powerful word. Use it more that you use yes. Saying yes all the time does not make you a happy person. If someone does not appreciate the “NO” answer, then they may be your poison. Saying NO means you accept your limitations, and appreciating your limitations could mean happiness for you. Empower yourself by using the NO answer. Be sure to say “NO” to yourself as well. Self discipline and appreciation go hand in hand, master these to gain happiness.

To Be Happy Expect This

When you wake up, wake up realizing someone wants to mess with you. Realize that you will run into people that do not appreciate your amazing qualities. Know there are unthankful people that you will meet. Suppose that they will bust you about something that you had no clue that they accused you of. Expect that people will talk ill of you, even your family. Predict that people will actually lie about you. Prepare to be cut off in traffic, mistreated, violated, underappreciated, underpaid. Then SMILE REAL BIG and tell yourself, “I’m ready!” Then live as though you don’t have a care in the world.


Published by Maximus McCullough

Computer programmer, nature boy, musician, Alpha Male and Stoic Philosopher rolled into one. Happiness is my goal and inspiration is how I plan to get there.

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