The genuine liar only lies to themselves. The genuine cheater only cheats themselves. The violator only violates themselves. To fool someone is only to fool yourself. The deceiver only deceives themselves. The rapist rapes themselves. You should never feel robbed when someone manifests undesirable characteristics because they do it to themselves.

When someone deceives you, let pity be your first reaction. Notice I specifically said “Pity” and not “Empathy”. The reason for this is that you should not empathize with a liar, cheater, thief, etc. They bring calamity upon themselves and live confusing lives. Divorce yourself from all such confusion because that lifestyle has nothing to do with love and compassion. Love and compassion are the key ingredients to a happy life and the most powerful force in the universe.

The Genuine Friend

To have genuine friends, we must be a genuine friend to ourself first. This starts with loving ourselves, being compassionate with ourselves. “Be nice to yourself,” I heard one brilliant man say. When you mess up, forgive yourself and move on. Who wants to be with an unforgiving, tyrannical person? So never be that way with yourself.

Get Notified

Make Changes

Let me share a story. Like many people, I was raised in a world of hate and deception. I was told that people outside of my religious beliefs were worldly and should not be associated with. I was deceived into thinking that god would soon kill all those people because they did not belong to this particular religion that I was a part of. After god kills all those “worldly people” who included my loving grandparents mind you, then everything would be all better. Trying to make sense of that as a child was mindboggling.

This may seem silly to many people but these kinds of things still happen today on different levels. Academia, science, politics, religious views, racism none of these things have the essential meaningful ingredients for a happy life. Only when you realize we are all part of a whole can we then make beneficial changes.

Focus on the Self

Focus on the self for meaningful change. Deep down inside you know what the good things are. Practice those good things on yourself then you will see clearly how to show them to someone else. Being right is not always the best thing, but being kind is always the right thing to do. I am not telling you something that you do not already know, you actually know this because this is who you are. How do I know? Because we are all part of a whole.


There is enough confusion in the world, no one needs us to add to it. We can always trace confusion to someone in want. Therefore, confusion is poverty. The association of poverty, want and confusion is correct. All one has to do is think of a liar, cheater, thief and you will see they all go hand in hand.

Making Sense

All good things “Make Sense” but why? Because the whole seeks to establish it. Our fundamental makeup is harmony and we naturally reject things that do not harmonize with the good. This is the very basis of our reasonings. Logic is flawed when it is not good, right? So if our logic does not harmonize with love and compassion then really, what good is it?

You Are The One In Control

Always remember that you are the one in control. What we face does not control us, but how we respond to what we are faced with is what really matters. We are not helpless victims of fate but rather, Alpha’s that deal with what we are faced with in a loving compassion manner. Make no mistake about it, love will make you powerful.


Published by Maximus McCullough

Computer programmer, nature boy, musician, Alpha Male and Stoic Philosopher rolled into one. Happiness is my goal and inspiration is how I plan to get there.

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