Your human experience begins and ends with a question mark. To know the answer to that question, You would be willing to do anything and even enslave yourself to concepts and people who claim to know that answer. For the sake of argument, we will call them “Posers” in this article and help you to conceptualize the concepts.

Who Are The Posers?

A poser is anyone claiming to have an answer that really doesn’t. These could be people claiming to have the ultimate truth. More or less, these are people whose ego gets away with them. Their lifestyles are usually materialistic, it does not matter whether they are rich or poor. They live in a state of constant want and desire and never experience fulfillment. They need other people to believe the way they do in order to feed their ego. These are religious organizations, political affiliations, cults, clubs, and even your neighborhood click. A poser is a “know it all” type of person that believes everyone is wrong except for them and their concepts. They never conceptualize the concepts because they feel they are right all the time.

More On The Posers

These are ego fed individuals and groups. In order to feed this ego, the individual or group members must demonize their competition. This is an effort to make their ego grow with their beliefs. To demonize others means food for the ego or the individual or group. The end justifies the means with these types of people, and they are dangerous to associate with.

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We Conceptualize our Existence

From the time of our birth, we are taught many different concepts. Some are beneficial for our survival and sanity, while others are not so good. Even birth itself is a concept that is debatable. When actually does your human experience start? This is a rabbit hole that I will not cover in this article, however realize that everything that you believe is a concept, and it could be wrong. Hence, you have the need to conceptualize the concepts.

Conceptual Warnings

While most concepts are based upon survival and opposites, there are others that are not. For example, “Healthy Food” verse “Junk Food” here is a concept that could be beneficial or detrimental for sustaining life. Many people have their own ideas. They form their ideas through experience and what they believe according to their research. This could prove to be very useful, no?

More On Conceptual Warnings

People apply this same concept when it comes to other people. The ego fed person feels the need to demonize another person because they do not follow a certain concept. We see this a lot with friend groups as well. Their friends come and go, don’t they? But why? It is because the ego fed conceptualist finds fault through many weaknesses like jealousy, envy and other unscrupulous means. The desire to feed their ego overpowers their perception of compassion and love.

Concepts are “Points Of View”

A concept is point of view, isn’t it? Our worldview forms by what we are taught from the beginning of our human experience until now. It has been formed into what we believe is right or wrong. When a person believes that their concept cannot be challenged, then we are dealing with an egotist, are we not?

Why Ego Fed Conceptualist Are Dangerous

As stated before, the ego fed conceptualist believes that the end justifies the means. Their demeanor changes as you advance in their concepts. They may have something that appears good at first, then as you progress in understanding their concept you may have questions. If there are any concepts introduced to you that you are not allowed to question, then you have found an ego fed conceptualist. My advice to you, my friend, is to walk away and don’t look back.

Facts are Not Truth

You may have been taught in school that facts are truth. This concept itself is a fallacy. Even in mathematics, the first number is actually a zero (0) but, then again, it could be a one (1). You may have been taught that Science gives you truth, but then, you would be wrong again. Understand that just because you have believed something for a long time, and it may have haphazardly worked for you, it may not be right for survival.

Question Your Worldview

There is nothing more liberating than questioning your worldview. Your concepts should benefit everyone, no? If your worldview does not benefit your enemy or someone you hate, then why would it ever be good for you? If your worldview only benefits you and the people you have affection for, then you are an ego fed conceptualist and your worldview is not even worth horse shit.

Agape Love

For your concepts to be perfect, they must have Agape Love at its core. There are many that claim to have this virtue however, as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Agape Love is an all encompassing love that breeds compassion. Yes, even for people you don’t like. I have written before on this subject that love and compassion are the most powerful force in the universe, and that is because it is perfect.

Better Than Everyone Else

The ego fed conceptualist believes their life is worth more than everyone else. Oh, they fear the end of their human experience and hold onto it like it is the only thing they have. You hear them use terms like, “you only live once”. What a silly statement that is. How do they know that they only live once? Excuse me for pondering ignorant questions, but I find it entertaining yet pitiful.  However, isn’t it true that these kinds of people will hold something back in order to capitalize on it, even though it is beneficial to others? Can I please use the term again, “Ego Fed Conceptualist”?

Consider Someone’s Concept

So should you consider someone’s concept? The answer is, “Of Course”. Yet, now I hope I have given you a measuring tool so that you may measure their concepts. Does it add up? Is it beneficial for survival? Does it contain agape love? Is it compassionate even for people they don’t like?

Conceptual Brainwashing

I think it is important to write about conceptual brainwashing. I like the example of a healthy dish to eat, when you mix a little rat poison then the entire dish becomes poison, no? Is this not true of religious organizations and political affiliations? At first, they may have some good ideas and concepts that seem like it would benefit everyone, but then you start to see the rat poison being added. When someone was raised in this kind of environment, then it is even harder for them to break free from the brainwashing. The poison has infiltrated into the very essence of their human experience, and some have committed horrendous acts.

Conceptualize The Concepts

So now, think like this, “Conceptualize The Concepts”. Question your worldview. There are people that actually have the concept that God will kill everyone except for them because of their ego driven concepts. Let the buck stop with you, NO is a beautiful word. Use it more often than you use yes.

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