The only reason why you would insult another person is that you are, in fact, insecure. Insults will reveal your weaknesses, they are like a magnifying glass into your soul.  As you go throughout your day, think of how many insults come off your tongue. Write them down and self reflect at a quiet time.

Why People Insult Others

There are many reasons why people insult other people. Mostly, if one feels uncomfortable with what another person is doing or what they look like, they will resort to insults. Let’s take a look at some examples of insults and how they reveal the insecurities during our human experience.

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Examples Of Insults

You may have heard of a woman being called a whore. Maybe you have heard worse insults when it pertains to the female gender. Why would a person hurl such an insult? The reason would be that there is something in that person’s conceptual view of life that is violated. So the insecurity actually falls on the person making the insult and not the actual woman they are trying to insult.

Think about when a tall person calls one short, or even when a fit person calls another a fat pig. Think about all the terms that are pertained to men; toxic masculinity, misogynist, male chauvinist & tons of other not so nice insults. Don’t these terms exist to make the one using them feel superior? Of course, they do, because they feel insecure about these things and that is precisely why they use them.

How Insults Affect The Insulter

The insulter that hurls insults are affected by their own words. They have made themselves a victim to a concept and are now bound by it. Now, they must defend a weak and foolish premise that leads to frustration in life. Once the words leave the lips, it is impossible to take them back.

What You Should Do When Someone Insults You

So, what should you do when someone insults you? Remember, it is not the situation that you are in that makes a difference, but rather how you respond to a situation that makes the difference. Never insult them back! You should pity someone who insults you because you have just became their master. Now you are the witness to their own words. If they ever want to change their convictions, they should do it with a confession to you. Ironically, even though this person wronged themselves, they owe you an apology. If they never apologize, then they must live with the guilt, or they must live with defending a self-destructive conviction.

Funny Insults

When you are on the level with someone, insults can be fun when they are made in a loving way. I think of how many times my best friend and I would hurl funny insults at each other. Roasting each other in a bonding way. Revealing our very own insecurities to each other freely. Isn’t that what real friendship is? Trusting each other with what violates our weak convictions. Be humble enough to participate, so each can peer into each other’s soul. However, be careful, do not go too far, there are limits on this kind of activity. Only people that know each other very well should do this.

Never Insult Your Mate

A very wise old man told me, “Never insult your mate” meaning wife or husband. When two people are living together day after day, you must work at love, compassion and forgiveness. There is a sensitivity there that must be observed. It takes a strong person to never be critical, especially when you know another so well. You never really know someone that well unless you live with them. So, husbands and wives know just about every insecurity of the other. Only a noble, loving, strong, compassionate mate will refrain from exploiting their lover. Never go to bed angry at your lover, you will pay for it dearly.

“Remember that it is we who torment, we who make difficulties for ourselves – that is, our opinions do. What, for instance, does it mean to be insulted? Stand by a rock and insult it, what have you accomplished? If someone responds to insult like a rock, what has the abuser gained with his invective?” -Epictetus

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