I Am Damaged

“I am damaged” is a phrase some people used to express their frustration after failed romantic relationships. However, when a person uses this phrase and actually believes it they set themselves up for failure, do they not? Let’s take a look at the alternatives. I am Damaged or I have Learned Are you damaged, or …

Why People Insult Others

The only reason why you would insult another person is that you are, in fact, insecure. Insults will reveal your weaknesses, they are like a magnifying glass into your soul.  As you go throughout your day, think of how many insults come off your tongue. Write them down and self reflect at a quiet time. …

Embarrassment is Weakness Dangerous Senseless and Pointless!

Embarrassment is weakness, dangerous, senseless, and pointless. It will keep you from doing meaningful things in your life. A person who gets embarrassed easily will not ask for help when they need it. Shy people are comfortable in their box, never straying too far from what makes them feel content. There is an old saying …

This Is Why You Fail

Every wonder why you fail? It could be that you are delusioned by time. Perhaps you were brainwashed into thinking that you had power over the future or even the past. Please watch this video for the full explanation.  

My Future Wife By Divine Providence | Stoic Thoughts

Dear Sons, This is a story about my future wife by divine providence however, she is already my wife. She does not have to guess my thoughts because she knows them. To call her a queen would be an insult the more appropriate term would be goddess and she feels comfortable being called that by …


I live in the moment; I learn from my past and contemplate my future. I will not worry about things I do not have control over. It will not bother me. It shall not control me, I shall control myself. I will honor my virtues. I am Alpha, not Beta, I am the leader of myself!

The Ontological Argument | Does God Exist? | The Best Evidence | Stoic Thoughts

Crows pick out the eyes of the dead, when the dead have no longer need of them; but flatterers mar the soul of the living, and her eyes they blind. – Epictetus