Today I want to write to you about being your own magic. Different people have different abilities so the true skill is to appreciate other people. Just look at what happens when a brick layer a carpenter and architect come together. To deny the other gifts in men is to deprive yourself of wisdom.

I enjoy researching life hacks as a motivation for myself. I have utilized several things from cold showers to meditations. No matter what I try I do it with a positive outlook that what I desire is what the outcome will be.

The most powerful thing I have been doing for years is meditations. I believe you boys need to take the first hour that you are awake and dedicate it to meditation and breathing. This may require you to get up an hour earlier so make sure you compensate it by going to bed an hour earlier if need be.

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This first hour is where you will create your own magic during your meditations and breathing discipline. There are several ones that I have taught you but I especially like the “Fruitage Mediation” that I came up with.

Sitting cross-legged Indian style blow out all your breath, as you do this rub your hands together. This will sync the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The magic number here is 9 heartbeats because there are 9 fruitages that we will breathe in. It is important to breathe through your nose and not your mouth. Make the sign of the cross in the air with hands together to start the meditation.

So the first breath when you breathe in think of the fruit of LOVE. As you breathe in think of the way it smells and feels. Let it fill the tank of your soul from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. After the tank is filled stop breathing in for 9 heartbeats. You can count your heartbeats by taking your middle finger and bring it straight down and touch the hand at the base of the palm. There is a vein that goes through there and you can count your heartbeats that way.

As you are holding during these 9 heartbeats push the virtue of LOVE deep into the lower part of your belly, this lower part is your reserve tank. You will compress all 9 virtues into this tank. Make sure not to push too hard but just enough to make room for the other 8 virtues that you will be building on top of the foundation of LOVE. Let LOVE permeate your body and be in a receiving state of mind. It feels wonderful and brings with it much strength. After counting 9 heartbeats let 3/4ths of the air out to make room for JOY.

Now breathe in deeply through your nose the virtue of JOY. Feel the virtue fill up your tank before you compress it with LOVE that is already there. You should start experiencing a higher sense of awareness. Think of the way JOY feels and tastes. It’s temperature is just right maybe a slightly warm feeling. After 9 heartbeat counts then let ¾ air out and make room for PEACE.

Breathe in PEACE and smell the pleasant aroma. Let your blood become saturated with it. Hold for 9 heartbeats and push it into your reserve tank that you will carry with you throughout the day. After 9 heartbeats let ¾ of the air out because PATIENCE is next.

Breathe in the virtue of PATIENCE notice its temperature, it is cool and sensational. It like a cooling waterfall and just as beautiful too. Hold it there for 9 heartbeats and push it into the bosom of your soul. After holding for 9 heartbeats let ¾ of the air out and get ready for KINDNESS.

As you breathe in KINDNESS feel the warmth of your blood. KINDNESS will tingle throughout your entire body and is an essential virtue to being a whole man. Hold for 9 heartbeats and think of KINDNESS and the way it makes you feel. Compress it into your reserve tank. Be kind especially to yourself. Let ¾ air out after 9 heartbeats because the next virtue we need is GOODNESS.

Think of the color of GOODNESS as you breathe it in. How does GOODNESS look or feel? Only you can answer that question as with all these virtues that you partake of. A good man does more than what is required of him this is what makes him “good”. Hold for 9 heartbeats then let ¾ air out and make way for FAITH.

Understand the delicateness of FAITH as you breathe it in. FAITH is a sister to hope and the 2 operate well together. FAITH can help you with remote viewing and seeing future events. FAITH is for wise and discerning people. Weak people do not know the meaning of FAITH because they do not have it. Hold this breath for 9 heartbeats then let ¾ out and be ready for MEEKNESS.

MEEKNESS is one of the most inviting of all virtues. With it we can show compassion and empathy. MEEKNESS is humility so breathe it in and feel its wonder for 9 heartbeats. Hold for 9 heartbeats then let ¾ out and be ready for the final virtue which is TEMPERANCE.

As you breathe in TEMPERANCE know that this virtue is second only to LOVE in strength. It is said that a man who has TEMPERANCE is more than a strong town. TEMPERANCE is also known as Self-Control or Will-Power. It is a wonderful learning mechanism. Hold for 9 heartbeats and push it into your reserve tank.

Finally let out all the air from your lungs and bow your head and pray for your day!

Love Dad

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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