I’m curious, is seeking too much pleasure and comfort a circular thought? I’m sincere here, if all one seeks is pleasure and comfort there has to be a point when it is too much or turns back into pain or even torture. Ironic isn’t it that pleasure and comfort will eventually turn into pain one way or another in the future?

A knife does not cut itself and a fire does not burn itself; neither do lips kiss themselves. What do I mean by this? There needs to be a relation, a balance if you will. We cannot have good without evil and we cannot have evil without the good. They would simply not be discernible.

For example; what is the opposite of “ognals”? Damned if I know either, I just made that word up but I am sure if we knew the meaning there would be an opposing side, right? Therefore we always think in relationships. Eventually there has to be a balance and Lord knows you do not want to wait until death to realize it.

Get Notified

When it comes to pleasure and comfort or suffering and pain you must partake of both. Better is it that these are in your control than let fate or worse yet the Universe to balance it out. This is not Karma, totally different but I am speaking of natural processes. I have written enough on Karma in the past and it has nothing to do with nature.

Oh should we pity the ignorant? Should we pity those who stuff themselves with junk and garbage even though they do it of their own free will? Should we pity the couch potato? Sure we should, perhaps those people are our balance by ingesting all the garbage the we do not. Maybe this is Darwinian Natural selection?- pun intended.

Either way, I believe you boys should encourage all your friends to eat healthy and live good lives. Do not seek pleasure or comfort, let it naturally happen. It is much better that way anyway. Keep reading Jerry Kyles writings, this man knows what he is talking about. When you learn from the wise you become wiser and jump way ahead of your peers.

Remember to have compassion, empathy and love. I am convinced there is nothing greater in this world that those virtues.

Memento Mori

Love Dad

It is a sin to pursue pleasure as a good and to avoid pain as a evil.
Marcus Aurelius

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