Some hate Stoicism because it does not resonate with their lifestyle. Many claim that Stoicism is mundane or just a religious cult. For people who love stress and anxiety or inflicting it upon others, they may claim this to be true. Others who claim that Stoicism is a boring religious cult have no clue what they are talking about however, Stoicism may not be for everyone.

Stoicism Is Not For Everyone

The enthusiastic Stoic; mainly new Stoics, when they discover this tool or lifestyle modification want to share it with everyone immediately. When they share it with others, it surprises them that others do not adopt the philosophy immediately.

Who May Not Enjoy The Stoic Lifestyle?

There are many kinds of people that may not enjoy the Stoic lifestyle. Of these worry-worts come to mind. They actually enjoy worrying about things. These may be Politicians, Journalist, Environmentalist, Preachers, just to mention a few. Stoics are Stoics because they enjoy living as a Stoic, stress free and living in harmony with nature. People who enjoy worrying about the future or nostalgically live in the past may fail at a Stoic lifestyle.

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Stoicism Is A Natural Process

A Stoic may be a person who has served under someone else or shared time with someone who fretted about everything. They may have witnessed this person decay after many years of worry, stress and anxiety. They eventually ask themselves the same question every Stoic asks themselves. “Why? Why worry? Why stress myself out? What benefit or accomplishment has fear, stress, and anxiety ever accomplished for me?” After they calculate the benefits compared to the cost, a Stoic will conclude that the stress was not worth it and live their life accordingly.

The Stoic Logic

Also, natural in the Stoic philosophy is the logic that it adopts. There are different angles to see things, and in Stoicism we see them through a glass that is beneficial to the whole and not just one individual. Yet, however, in order to build the whole you must build the individual. This sometimes means pointing out the obvious with abstract expressions.

A Natural Born Stoic

Many people after discovering the Stoic philosophy take on the name of “Stoic” because they have been living that way their entire life. They really do not care that the concept of Stoicism is a Hellenistic Philosophy started by Zeno in the 3rd Century B.C. These details are immaterial to them. If they name the lifestyle “Stoicism” makes no difference in how these people approach their lives because they have been doing it despite giving the concept a name. Actually, they couldn’t care less of the Stoic philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca and many more because they live a natural lifestyle that naturally finds its way to a worry and stress-free life. These kinds of people are the philosophers and possibly keep the knowledge to themselves. They have no ambition to write or share but to live their own philosophy that we know as Stoicism.

Is Stoicism A Religion or a Cult?

It is interesting that people of all walks of life, and religious faiths adopt Stoicism. It’s not a cult because Stoicism is a tool like Science. Ironically, the only people that should have a problem with Stoicism are Atheist. Why? Because all the great philosophers of Stoicism were “Theist” and refer to God many times in their writings. This should not be surprising though because the Atheist have tried to take over other “Theist” invented tools like “Science”. – pun intended!

Basically, an Atheist is a pandering sniveling little brat full of resentment and hate that has faith in an impossible paradox called “Atheism”. There can be nothing more illogical and opposed to Stoicism than an Atheist.

Stoicism In A Nutshell

I live in the moment; I learn from my past and contemplate my future. I will not worry about things I do not have control over. It will not bother me. It shall not control me, I shall control myself. I will honor my virtues. I am Alpha, not Beta, I am the leader of myself!

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