Interestingly enough, some see themselves as strong because they have lost their religion. Some view it as “Growing Up”, giving up the childhood fairytales and becoming “intelligent” or “enlightened”. There is a justification in their minds mainly because of their “education” or “indoctrination” they received in the secular world with all its political biases added.

Is this a trustworthy decision, and is it smart to exchange your entire paradigm on the chance that the foundation of faith that you have built is flawed? Are atheist really independently strong, or are they depending on a network of supporters much like theist do? Is Atheism a religion in itself?

Scientific Evidence

In schools they teach young people about science and evidence. They also teach them how to interpret the evidence. This seems logical, does it not? In order to learn, you must always try to interpret evidence. The problem here is that they teach that science gives you “empirical truth”. The fact of the matter is it depends on who you talk to and you can get several interpretations of the “Scientific Evidence”. Critical thinking should be your guide here because there are people with agendas especially in educational establishments.

Get Notified

Politics in Science

It is fitting that we discuss “Politics In Science” here. In the “Academia World” there are political struggles for power and dominance. We also know that the young people are gullable to believe anything their favorite professors throw at them.  Glory seekers are everywhere, and the dynamic favors Atheistic Academia. There is no factual truth that the average person can actually rely upon.

Loaded talking points, agendas to fulfill, inexperienced students to impress for their money, prestigious institutions, and a load of bullshit pushed upon the public. All this disguised as a discipline in a world of fantasy and manipulation that we call the “Educational System”. Not to mention the fact that these very ideas make their ways into Hollywood and Documentaries to convince a gullable public relying on these institutions for truth. Oh my, what a strange situation we have created for ourselves.

Killing God

Proudly, we hear some proclaim repeatedly about their efforts to kill god. They feel they have successfully killed God because they have been able to infiltrate the academia world full of young gullable people and convince them. The fact of the matter is that a lifetime full of experiences is worth a lot more than a few years in a college. In fact, the college world can teach you more about politics that it could ever teach you about truth.

Just because a professor can teach some young inexperienced individual that there is no god does not mean that you have accomplished anything worthwhile. Argue the point with someone more established.

The Irony Freedom of Religion in School

We have religion being taught in our public schools here in the USA. It is the “Atheistic Religion” school of faith and politics. The irony is that your kids are being indoctrinated by this religious faith because they disguise themselves as “non-belief” when in fact this could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that they have a faith and religion and are advocating it in the public schools and colleges. Don’t believe me? Check out the “Atheist Church” in Seattle, Washington!

Just like any other religion, they believe their “School Of Thought” is the true one. Oh, the irony, right? They get away with this in the Public School system because they claim they are NOT a religion, they claim they are “Free From Religion”, oh the liars they are! Has the obvious awoken in you yet?

Deception of Reason

Deception is nothing new, it comes in all different disguises and masks. However, self-deception seems worse to me. Convincing yourself of an idea just because you think it is cool or in style does not make it truth!

Atheist highjack terms like “reason” and apply it in their talking points. Their only “reason” is their “atheistic interpretations” of every concept introduced. They are worse than the theist that say “Praise The Lord” after every paragraph or conversation.  Their position is NOT non-belief it is defiance and deception, and if that is not blatantly clear to any critical thinker than nothing ever will be!

“Zeno would also say that nothing is more hostile to a firm grasp on knowledge than self-deception.”

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