To be afraid or not be afraid, that is the question. Many Atheist accuse Theist of letting fear get the best of them when it comes to seeking the truth. They refer to the fact that we all have to die and they further claim that Christian’s are making up fables to comfort themselves. Besides that, they further claim Christian’s are doing greater damage by passing it off as truth when it is all fictional.

Touche to their bravery, right? I mean, thank god for the fearless atheist to enlighten our way to give us “The Truth”, right? They teach of the “Cold blind pitiless indifference of nature” to illustrate the point that there is no god or intelligent designer.

The Christians Point

That is exactly the Christian’s point, that there is cold blind pitiless indifference and that honesty, the honesty of nature, is the prevailing justice we can count on. Objective morality is a similar point entirely explained through “Theism” accurately enough to comprehend. The evolutionary model of “Morality” is in fact “Subjective Morality” and atheist claim the “Objective Morality” is just as fictional as the belief in God.

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So right and wrong is a superlative argument to the Christian, but is a subjective argument to an Atheist. To an Atheist “Right and Wrong” only exists in the figments of our imaginations.

More on the Christians Point

In essence, the Atheist claim there are no “Objective Moral Laws” and to that I respond regretfully. When would it ever be right to rape and murder a 2-year-old girl then throw her in the dumpster? Is there any time in the past, present or future that that would be right? If you answered no like many of us do we recognize that as a violation of an “Objective Moral Law”! There are many things that we could think of to illustrate the point that just turns the stomach however, I believe we made the point.

Interestingly enough, I have had conversations with Atheist that felt that there may be some time when such an act would be acceptable depending on the time and circumstances. I kindly ask them to never even think about looking at my daughters.

Objective Moral Law

Just because we can fly an airplane does not mean that the law of gravity does not exist. In this same manner, to reasonable individuals, violations of Objective Moral Laws exist like murder, thievery, abuse and so on. When we have to defend ourself by inflicting pain on someone wishing to inflict pain on us is not a violation of this law but an affirmation that the “Objective Moral Laws” actually exists.

Stoics and Atheism

The Stoics furthest thought is “Atheism”. Atheism is nothing new, we have tried it repeatedly even on a national scale. It is a “Faith” that claims to be “Anti-Faith” which makes it a paradox that desperate people advocate ironically. Whatever their reason for Atheism, we know that it is “Subjective Reasoning” because that is all they believe in. There is nothing “Objective” about atheism and a genuine believer in “Atheism” should even admit that.

How do we know that the early Stoics did not endorse Atheism? Because there were Greek philosophers that were already teaching Atheism dating back to 500 B. C. and even further to 1500 B.C. like Diagoras of Melos. All the most famous Stoic’s claim “Belief In God” through their writings. The most powerful thinkers and philosophers believe in God, and ironically we have many self-proclaimed Atheist quoting from them today in order to live better lives.


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