For the record, I don’t hate Atheist or Skeptics I just like to argue with them because it’s fun. Their non-belief/belief failed logic is an impossible paradox that they cannot rectify. An Atheist has the improper tendency to claim belief in science, yet anyone who actually knows what science is will tell you it is not a belief system. Claiming belief or “faith” in science is like claiming belief in a screwdriver to solve all your questions, it is just a silly, foolish statement. Science is a method or a tool that is useful when applied properly but does not even come close, nor will it ever, to answering most of your basic questions.

Top 10 Blunders Of Atheism

Now that I laid the groundwork, let’s go over the top 10 blunders of atheism and their dysfunctional faith in science.

  1. How does non-living matter come to life? There had to be a start to life somewhere, no? If an atheist claims “belief” in science, one of the basic principles is that there cannot be life from non-life. They continue to promote this failed concept, but the fact remains that there has never, ever been life from non-life. They still have faith in an abiogenesis hypothesis with absolutely no logical resolution. Ironic that they use words like “could of” or “likely explanations” which are all “faith inferred” while expressing their views.
  2. Many Atheist are afraid that God may exist and they are Atheist out of fear and not out of rational reason like they claim. Maybe they want to claim innocence from ignorance? Atheist invent gods that are never referenced in history to use a strawman argument’s against the inference of a designer or creator. i.e. “Spaghetti Monster“. More often than not, an Atheist will admit that they “hope” there is not a god.
  3. Most Atheist will state how violent God or gods are or how unjust God is. If God were violent or unjust, how would that ever be evidence against him? Would that not rather be evidence for him? Atheist are an illogical, strange bunch, no?
  4. Ironically, Atheist do not realize that they have a “faith based” belief system, and it’s far from scientific. Nothing they present has any evidence at all when trying to debunk an intelligent designer. Their claim that they cannot disprove anything that does not exist is a faith based statement because their core belief is that natural things are the only things that exist. That is like claiming that love does not exist because they cannot quantify it with science. Believers correctly maintains that since there is a universe and life, it had to come from somewhere, even if that explanation is supernatural.
  5. Atheist claim God does not exist because of lack of evidence, then they will state they cannot disprove something that does not exist, therefore resorting to flawed circular negative logic. A believer asserts correctly something had to come from something. A believer has a scientific cause-and-effect interpretation based on good clear logical reasoning.
  6. When you blatantly show an atheist something exists, that cannot be scientific like “compassion”, they resort to terms like, “Science cannot quantify such a thing, but it is natural”. Well, how do they know something is natural if science cannot quantify it? Since science cannot quantify it like the existence of God, why do they believe it? Does this circular reasoning make sense to you? The idea that there may be a supernatural explanation is the biggest fear to an Atheist.
  7. The big bang is a big problem to Atheist. Atheist originally thought that the universe was always there and that it never had a beginning. When they discovered that there was a beginning, they then had to change their story to match their narrative. They will never admit that there may be a supernatural explanation, even though the big bang infers it in a large way. Ironically, they will tell theist to be humble and wait on science to explain it. Oh, the hypocrisy! Did they not establish that science cannot explain anything supernatural? So, if there is a supernatural explanation, then they will NEVER have the objectivity to explain it. Science goggles are tunnel vision and will never give you the broad scope on life’s big questions.
  8. There is a conventional moral cowardice with Atheism. If there is no god, you can do whatever you want. Why would it be irrational to get whatever you want if there is no god? If there is really no objective morality, why not take whatever you want if you can get away with it? At the core, Atheism is a self-serving, narcissistic enterprise with no moral basis. There can really be no right and wrong at the core of Atheism because their claim is “no belief” in anything outside of Science.
  9. If there is something they cannot explain, they blame it on hallucinations without even knowing what a hallucination is. This is a fail-safe to an Atheist because they have a hard time believing their own lying eyes. Hallucinations are a good fall back when an Atheist can only resort to a supernatural explanation. Many cults have these fail-safe explanations as well. These made up excuses are a weak defence, especially when Atheist rely on them to debunk the supernatural. When using this excuse they are in fact admitting hallucinations exist which in reality have no explanation in nature or science. What is a thought or a dream and do they exist, if so, are they true or false?
  10. If Hallucinations do not work an Atheist would rather believe that everyone is lying to them. When someone relates something extraordinary, an Atheist will resort to the flawed logic that everyone’s deceived except for them. Even when presented with clear physical evidence of extraordinary events, their first move is to be skeptical and deny. There are plenty of examples, just search for them.

One more bonus point of Atheist flawed logic.

  1. The science goggles they pretend to wear only works when it fits their narrative. Can the thoughts they think be natural? What is logic and reason? The flawed belief that science is going to anser all one’s questions is like believing that this article is the only piece of literature that was ever written.

Top 10 Most Common Atheist Arguments, and Why They Fail

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