Dear Godson,

You are now in the belly of your mother and your father informed me last week I am to be your godfather. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Second to your mother, father and family, I get to help teach you things. I’m very excited about it and pretty soon you will come into this world from another world.

You will not understand a word of this letter for several years, and at present I am content with that. Maybe by the time you understand this letter, I will be in the world that you came from. Yet, it will not be before I get to spend some time with you for sure.

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I have to tell you that you are coming to this world with many benefits. Many possibly fought over the position that you’re in. My confidence in your mother and father is 100%! They will give you all the tools to be happy and healthy in this life, and I as your godfather am eager to see how you use those tools and apply your knowledge.

This is a great opportunity to have this human experience, and it comes with many challenges. I teach all my children the greatest laws in the universe, especially the 1st and most powerful law. #1 Love and Compassion is the greatest law in the universe.


Be blessed with wisdom beyond your years. Be blessed with love in your heart and from above. The apex of your existence here will not be materialism or intellect, but virtue and all goodness. The key to your happiness will be your appreciation and thankfulness.

You will be naturally kind, so let no one steal that from you. There will be many entities seeking to rob you of virtue, some will be in human form and some in other forms. Here in this world many souls have become their own worst enemy, but this will not be you. You will love yourself and by this you will know how to love others.

Your mistakes will teach you. They limit us as humans in ability, but there are many things we have overcome by the use of our intellect. Regretfully, there are many that lost their humility because of technological advancement and greed. Many believe their intellect is the apex of their existence, but it has fooled them. You are coming into a world where these devices and influences will surround you. It will take great power to separate yourself from this kind of mind control, but I have faith you will do it.

Now that you have become human, remind yourself that good things happen to evil characters and bad things also happen to good people. Concern yourself only with the things that you control anything outside of this is needless worry. Never give pain a voice and make fear be afraid of you!

Much Love and Compassion

Your Godfather

Maximus McCullough

Image by skalekar1992 from Pixabay

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