Life is an unsolved mystery and continues to be, doesn’t it? The idea that we can answer everything through a man-made tool such as “Science” is ignorance manifested. Keeping faith in such a tool to catch up with truth and reality is lame yet, the skeptics remain hopeful, pun intended. Why am I hostile about science today? Simple, because some people treat it like a faith instead of a tool that the originators intended it to be. 


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Faith In The “Science Religion”

Today the ministers of science encourage you to put your faith in science and anyone that challenges this doctrine is; made fun of as uneducated, put down and shunned. Evolutionary Scientist have their little “Hit Men” everywhere, always ready to take someone on challenging conclusions in the science community. It seems more like a cult than a discipline to critical thinkers, and if you accept something’s in Evolutionary science, they expect you to accept it all like cults do. Say something against evolutionary science and they will excommunicate you like some cults treat their former members. 

The Tool Of Science

Science may tell you how something works, but certainly does not tell you why or how it comes into existence. Science is a discipline that is very limited in scope therefore many people using this tool must invoke their imaginations with it because of its inadequacies. This is where we have the problem of conjecture because there may be no way to observe, test and duplicate every issue. 

Science and Nature

Many people believe Science is nature, but actually Science is the “Study” of nature. Within this realm there is a limited scope. Let me explain the “Science Goggles” that an “Orthodox Scientist” must wear. First, they must pretend they have no preconceived notions and have not any agenda. Of course, there is the “Hypothesis” or “Idea” about something that gets this ball rolling. From there, they institute a discipline mainly comprising 3 things.

  1. Observation
  2. Repetition
  3. Testing

They do this with the idea that they can identify a pattern or consistency every time they invoke these 3 things. If the outcome is not consistent, then it simply does not pass off as Science or they may change the testing method or strategy. This is actual science. No need for imagination, right? Ironically, if something continues to have similar end results, could that not identify intelligence? I, digress, would not want to offend the mindless, blind chance, indifference that so many so called “Evolutionary Scientist” adhere to. 

Evolution Of Science

Oh my, what would Science be without conjuring the “E” word, EVOLUTION! This word is the golden ticket too many who proudly adopted its philosophies with great imaginations. This is where we get into the Science god and to have faith in it as the Apex of reason and understanding. This is where cult members hijack the term “Science” to promote their religious philosophy. Science in its infancy was pure unadulterated study of nature invented by Theist like Aristotle  , Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon and many more. Today these men would be a laughingstock too many evolutionary scientists that promote science as a doctrine instead of a tool that these men of God intended it to be. 

Understand Extremes

Humans have a tendency to take things to extreme levels and distort the truth. They blindly trust in their organizations and establishments, no matter how outlandish their claims are. Many of us have heard that it is “Science that gives us all the creature comforts we possess, furthermore it is Science that is healing your diseases and sicknesses!”. Just substitute the term “God” for “Science” in those statements, and maybe your eyes will open. The fact of the matter is critical thinking, and necessity provides us with our comforts. We as humans have always made our lives more comfortable, no science needed, just critical thinking. 

Unhealthy View of Science

In reality, is this not an unhealthy view of the tool science? Do male pattern baldness, old age, or even the common cold still exist? Back in the day, humans made idols to worship them and claimed they had extreme power. They put all their faith in these carvings of theirs and in their philosophies and guess what; they still suffered from diseases, pestilence, famine and death just like we all do today! So too will all the people that put all their faith in the science god, they all will suffer similar fates. The science god will not help these dedicated individuals or their legacy, everyone will forget them, just like everybody else. 

Critical Thinking

Science itself is just another tool invented by “Critical Thinkers” and not the other way around. Skeptics are NOT critical thinkers, they just deny everything that they can in order to appear as a critical thinker. They are not intelligent and their only interest is to appear intelligent because they are glory seekers and not truth seekers. Skeptics produce NOTHING, remember that! Critical thinking instituted the discipline of science as a tool or method of understanding nature, but there is more to life than nature, isn’t there? 

Evolutionary scientist introduce a paradox when they tell you that there is nothing else other than nature, but then when trying to discuss intelligent design in nature with these same people, they will tell you that this is outside of nature. Does it seem twisted to you that nature imagines things outside of nature? How is that possible if nature is all there is?

Is it not ironic that at the same time one does not qualify because of their “imagination” that same thing “qualifies” another person? Just look at all the imaginary information included in evolutionary science taught in school textbooks as absolute truth. Yet they throw out the intelligent design scientist because it does not match the paradigm or agenda of evolutionary scientist. 

Examples Outside The Scientific Method

Here is the actual definition of the scientific method.

The principles and empirical processes of discovery and demonstration considered characteristic of or necessary for scientific investigation, generally involving the observation of phenomena, the formulation of a hypothesis concerning the phenomena, experimentation to test the hypothesis, and development of a conclusion that confirms, rejects, or modifies the hypothesis.

Here are some simple things that are outside the scientific method. This will give you an idea of the hoax put upon humanity today in the name of “Science”. 

  • You cannot prove scientifically that you love your children, parents, friends or family.
  • You cannot prove scientifically that you wore makeup last week, not even if you had pictures. No, not even pictures are scientific proof.
  • You cannot prove scientifically that you went on a hike last year scientifically, even if you did. Again pictures are NOT scientific proof.
  • Science cannot prove whether global warming is good or bad
  • Science cannot prove that there are no unicorns, but it cannot prove that there are no goats or no horses either.
  • Science cannot prove whether you had a bowel movement on the first of last month.
  • Science cannot prove that Alexander the Great ever existed

Philosophy, History & Critical Thinking Presents The Real Truth

If it is truth you are looking for, then you will have to rely upon history, philosophy and critical thinking because within this realm there is “proof” and “evidence”. Science demands all these ingredients to even function, so it is disingenuous for anyone to imply they conduct a scientific method without philosophy or history. Science needs philosophy, history & critical thinking but they do not need science to function. The scientific method is not an “end all” and has presented a lot of false information in the past. However, the scientific method is still a useful tool, but it is not truth and makes plenty of mistakes. 

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