I wish to write to you about the illusional concept of your birth and death. Please understand that the concept of individualism is misleading because we are all part of a whole. To believe that you are an “individual” that sustains itself is just silly. Every piece is very important. Some state that if one molecule was missing, then the entire universe would collapse. Instead of thinking of everything in “Birth and Death” concepts, think of them as always changing. Think of them as all parts of a whole that come from everlasting and go to everlasting. The reality is there is no beginning and there is no end.

In The Now

Now is the time that you have, 10 minutes ago or 10 minutes in the future is not yours at all. Grasp this reality because when you do, then you will understand this everlasting point. If you are thinking about before your birth, you are thinking about it now. If you are thinking about what you will eat at your next meal, you are thinking now. You are not actually in either place. The only thing that is happening is right here and right now.

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Time Is An Illusion

It is said that time belongs to a different dimension, but time is an experience, no? We live our lives in moments and within those moments; you acquire understanding. When you combine virtue with understanding, then you have wisdom. Everything you know, everything you experience and everything you will know and experience you do in the now.

The Greatest Teacher

There is no doubt that our greatest teacher is Christ the Lord. There was no better stoic and there was no better alpha. So, what did he think of time?

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. – Christ KJV

Live each day as if it be your last. – Marcus Aurelius Meditations



Is physical reality and non-physical non reality? Non-sense, even though some would want you to believe that way. There are things that are very real even though we cannot examine them under a microscope. T.V. shows, movies, media, academia hold the popular opinion that the scientific method is the apex of reason, reality and truth. Of course, this is wrong because the apex of reason, reality, and truth are love and compassion.

Young Men & Logic

Men, especially young men, need to be careful about logic. Yes, you are naturally wired to think of things from a logical perspective. Many have a flawed logic altogether, but I am speaking of what we consider being smart logic. Someone that has their ducks in a row; someone good at math, science, and figuring things out. You can have a brilliant mind and quite possibly be the most logical and smartest person in the world. These same types of people can also lack virtue, namely “goodness”. Logic and reason is a driving force that inspire and promote passion. Remember to put checks and balances on this in the form of kindness. Without kindness, all the logic and reason in the world is flawed.

The Illusional Concept of Birth and Death

Who you are has nothing to do with time. The before and after have nothing to do with who you are. Time is the delusion. Do not deceive yourself with the concept of birth and death. The real perception is what you cannot see, hear, feel, or touch in this moment. Elevate your mind to a higher understanding. Grasp “meaning” because this is the only true reality.

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Computer programmer, nature boy, musician, Alpha Male and Stoic Philosopher rolled into one. Happiness is my goal and inspiration is how I plan to get there.

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