Dear Sons,

This is a story about my future wife by divine providence however, she is already my wife. She does not have to guess my thoughts because she knows them. To call her a queen would be an insult the more appropriate term would be goddess and she feels comfortable being called that by me. I am already hers and she is already mine.

It may be that she experienced this place thousands of years ago. Maybe she was a slave, maybe she was royalty, but in either case she was the best at it. She does however have many scars on her heart and mind. This is a woman that has forgiven herself for any mistakes that she has made. My goddess learns from her past and lives in the present.

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I do not tell her what to believe, her convictions are her own yet, they unify with mine. Acting on her own free will, she is benevolent, compassionate and loving. The strength to stand on her own and the ability to harmonize with our song. This is more than romance, this is genuine love!

In the eons of time we do not look for each other because we are already staged, we are present in spirit and mind. The earthly insecurities are not part of our passion. In our corner of the universe we rule with forgiveness, love and compassion. Our hearts are light towards one another and there is nothing heavy or weighing us down.

One touch from her finger is like a gentle ripple in calm waters that wakes my spirit. We come from the stars to this place for the human experience, and our memories erased. Our communication is not with words, but with an invisible force that is not defined in the current language.

Our children are our virtue, and our defining moment is illumination. Gravity is an understatement and the force that pulls us together one cannot argue with. The sound of us running towards one another is like water crashing. The smell of her kiss is the sweetest thing.

Our joy is to be present with one another, we don’t even have to talk. Although she is beautiful in her earthly skin, her true light shines from her spirit. Her eyes are honest, her heart is faithful, yes, she has fortified herself in every way.

So, what else can I say about my goddess? My wife? I could write novels, but it is not appropriate to expose all her secrets. I have told you a little my sons so that you know what to do.

Love Dad

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