Skepticism never entertains the thought of being wrong, but critical thinking does. Skepticism produces nothing, critical thinking does. The true skeptic is a non-believer, non-thinker, negative energy sucking vampire.

Why You Should Kill The Skeptic In You!

If there is one thing on this planet that will lead you into depression, anxiety and make you feel totally empty inside, it is skepticism. A genius does not become a genius by being a skeptic, neither does a bodybuilder become a bodybuilder with the use of skepticism. A race car driver, a firefighter, a chess player, musician, the list goes on and on. There is no functional activity that depends on skepticism! Furthermore, skeptics would do better by exercising critical thinking instead of training their minds into believing that everyone is lying to them or uneducated. How could they falsely put themselves on a pedestal of disbelief that does not exist? There is no such thing as healthy skepticism like there is no such thing as healthy rat poison. This is why you must kill the skeptic in you!

Skeptics Are Lazy!

To be a skeptic, you merely have to manifest a disbelief in something, anything or everything. This is all you have to do! There is no fundamental requirement for a skeptic to produce or believe anything! No work involved at all, no critical thinking needed because a true skeptic is lazy! Anyone can be a skeptic because there are no skills needed to be a skeptic!

Get Notified

Your A Skeptic? So sorry!

You can be skeptical and tell me that God does not exist, you can be skeptical and tell me I do not exist, both arguments are legitimate using a skeptics logic! This is where a skeptical mindset will put you. The same skeptics that claim we hallucinate our existence also claim that there are real things. What a paradox they create for themselves.

Circular Reasoning

Well now, the rabbit hole of circular reasoning appears. Are we real or aren’t we? Do not get your answer from a skeptic they are too busy doubting that too! A critical thinker will let you know the obvious, yes you are real! So is everything you believe and experience! Yes, even deceiving yourself is real! This is why you must be a critical thinker and kill the skeptic in you!

Solid Ground

Your belief system should be a solid ground foundation. A skeptical way of life will never give you that. People who constantly doubt themselves or are never sure about anything find themselves in scary places. I recently talked to a woman who is nearly 60 years old, and she is still trying to find herself. The insecurities of skepticism are not a protection but a self-destruct button!

You’ll Be Happier Without It

Without a doubt, skepticism produces nothing happy! It does, however, promote unhappiness and negativity. If there is one thing that you can live without, it is skepticism!

PS. Please do me a favor and share this article with a skeptic, maybe we can save the poor soul from the insane life they live!

Published by Maximus McCullough

Computer programmer, nature boy, musician, Alpha Male and Stoic Philosopher rolled into one. Happiness is my goal and inspiration is how I plan to get there.

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