Pain is a teacher, isn’t it? I tell you my sons that comfort is the enemy, but why? I once heard a fitness instructor say, “It’s going to hurt a little now but a lot more later!”. Isn’t this the truth? When a person is a “friend of comfort”, it becomes their only priority in life and they fail to see value in a little pain.

Pain Is My Teacher

My body is my slave, I am its commander and chief. No one has more power over my body than I do. My mind is mine alone, and the horrors that it possesses may teach me or drive me insane. I determine the outcome and its very thoughts. All my influences are subject to my interpretations of them. I am the responsible party that dictates what they do and how they make me feel. I shall break mold after mold, I shall craft myself into a better person according to my virtues. I am a humble student of nature that indeed inflicts pain on this mortal soul of mine. Memento Mori!

Broken Souls

There are many types of broken souls, are there not? Some are born broken, and some are made to be broken. Do you want to know what true strength is? It is to humble yourself after you are humiliated and broken and then to rise again in a new mold, a new frame of mind. You are the craftworker of your own spirit. You determine whether it will be a good or evil purpose.

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Your Vision

Far sightedness is a gift that the best navigators have. Jet pilots, Truck Drivers, Ship Captain all must share this very fine quality. Your perception is everything with navigating your life, isn’t it? When you have faulty perception, the cost will be high and it will also take from you value you did not even think was there.

All Pain Is Imagined

It may be helpful for you in the distant future to remember that we imagine all pain. Pain is only real if we imagine it to be so. Years ago, I once witnessed a man who’s finger was chopped off by a crane, to my surprise he was laughing. He remarked he had that finger for 70 some years and now finally gone and its only worth $2000 from the insurance policy. No tears, no sadness, but an expression of the pathetic cash he would receive because of his finger being amputated.

What About Loss?

Often it takes some time after a loss to let the reality of it set in. This is because we have to reimagine our life with the loss. Our refusal to imagine our life with the loss is the problem. Remember how we discussed living in the present because the present is all we have? This is what you need to remember with loss. This can be the loss of a loved one, a marriage, a job, a home and a position.


Look in that mirror and smile. That person smiling back at you is the one in control. That person can either love or hate you. That person can support or destroy you. That person can make you powerful or weak. YES, that person will make you who you are today!

Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay

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Computer programmer, nature boy, musician, Alpha Male and Stoic Philosopher rolled into one. Happiness is my goal and inspiration is how I plan to get there.

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