Death is as natural as conception, My father died the other day of COVID-19 it was not death that made me sad, it was the end of “memory making” in this life form. Should I not actually be happy for my father, he no longer suffers. Should I not be grateful for the memories we made? I am grateful for death’s door because when it comes knocking I will let it in just like the birth of a child. Do people really fear the unknown? If so, what about before you were conceived in this life form? Were you afraid then? That, of course, was “The Unknown” as well. It is silly to worry about death and I say this after I have buried 2 of my children, my sister and my father. Memento Mori, “Remember That You Must Die” but don’t worry about it just like you never worried about being born because death in all reality is a natural re-birth. Understand the concept of being “Stoic”; We do not worry about the “Inevitable” we deal with what we have control over at this very moment, right now.

The Most Important Moment

The most important moment of your life is right here, right now. Thank you for sharing this moment with me! There is no other greater moment than this because this is the only moment that you have control over. Ten seconds from now or ten seconds ago are not here or gone entirely. There is no getting back the past and furthermore there is never any possibility of living in the future. Stop, sit back, breathe and realize this.

The Most Important Place

The most important place is where you are right now, ironic isn’t it? The most important things in your life deal with the here and now, and nothing else matters. You may “anticipate” your next move I encourage it however live in the here and now.

Get Notified

This is your place, you occupy it; you own it; it is yours! Think about it, even if someone else is throwing you out from the place you stand in the next ten seconds, they can never erase the fact that you owned that space with your existence in it.

Stoicism & Virtues

Your “Virtues” are the most important thing in Stoicism because that is what you have control over in your space. Your virtues are the most important thing in your life. The only place and time that you have to practice such a noble character is right here and right now! Let this be your craft, let this be your guide.

Stoics Are Everywhere

I could not help but think of an old friend of mine when writing the above material. I do not want to put him on the spot, but his name is Bob, and he ran a crane in the shipping and receiving department at a place in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

I was a trucker at the time and visited Bob nearly every day and sometimes several times a day. I made it my resolve that no matter where I went that I would have a positive attitude, wave to everyone and have a smile on my face. I would “Own The Moments” by practicing this. I would change the atmosphere and change my world.

I worked at the place for a few weeks, then I met Bob. Well, guess what? Bob beat me to the resolve. He beat me to the smile, to the wave and the positive attitude. I almost felt jealous at the time, but then knew that was going to be my favorite place to go. Yes, it was. Sometimes I would stay even after I could have left just to talk to Bob, and I chose loads that took me to that place.

Well, not only did Bob manifest these qualities, but I noticed that everyone that worked with Bob manifested these qualities. He infected everyone around him with his positiveness.

Bob’s Test

Well, after a year or two went by, I saw Bob at the main plant in a guard shack where I frequently stopped to check in and out. I saw that Bob had lost quite a bit a weight and there he was with that big smile and positive attitude. Bob then informed me he had a serious case of sugar diabetes and that caused his severe weight loss. I thought to myself, and you are telling me this with a smile on your face and a positive attitude? Bob continued, “Just look at the weight I lost!”

Although concerned about my friend, I am sure he could see it on my face I did not succumb to a negative response. I knew that Bob would just turn it around to something positive, anyway. So I responded with, “Bob’s weight loss plan!”. We both laughed but Bob being the Stoic I knew he was; replied, “Well, we will see what happens.” I knew he was taking it one moment at a time, like he did his entire life, like a true Stoic does.

That was years ago, and Bob is still alive and well today. I have not seen him in a minute or two, but I remain hopeful.

Much love, respect and honor to you all!

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

Published by Maximus McCullough

Computer programmer, nature boy, musician, Alpha Male and Stoic Philosopher rolled into one. Happiness is my goal and inspiration is how I plan to get there.

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  1. I always admired the way u live your life, from following you sense u lost your beautiful Faith. I love how u raised your sons. But this story about Bob is truly inspirational! And u should publish your thoughts. Or at least put them in a thought for the day! God Bless u and your Family and your friend Bob! Merry Christmas to All!

    1. I’m a little late on the response but our friend Max brings out the good in everyone he’s a good man and I’m proud he considers me his friend ,Hope you have a healthy and happy New Year

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