Someone once said, “In order for there to be betrayal, there must first be trust.” Betrayal is the opposite of faithfulness, isn’t it? Let’s work this backwards, who is responsible for the betrayal, the one doing the betraying or the one that trusted the betrayer?

Judas Will Sell Your Hide

Christ had a betrayer, and no doubt he was the innocent party. Judas, also called a traitor by many, was a thief, and greed dictated his life. Yet, in hindsight, wasn’t Judas just a tool? He was a stepping stone in a series of events that manifested the greatest person of all time.

Your Betrayer Is A Tool

It is not adversity, but the way we handle adversity that defines who we are. Think about the action that you have control over and that is your response to your betrayer. Your betrayer is a tool that is going to help craft your mind to be sharper and wiser. Take a breath and realize this.

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Who Is Actually Damaged?

The person who is damaged through the betrayal is not the innocent party, is it? It is, however, the betrayer that damages themselves. The innocent party will learn and become wiser and pick better friends for themselves. The betrayer will live with the fact that they are untrustworthy furthermore, their only friends will be people just like them.

Who Benefits From Betrayal?

Ironically, it is the innocent party in the end that benefits from being betrayed. Their insight grows, they get to know who they can and cannot trust. The friends they surround themselves with are probably better people. One who suffers from betrayal usually makes a better friend than those who go through life never experiencing adversity.

No Honor Amongst Thieves

There is a caveat to this philosophy, and that is if you are the guilty party with no virtue. You should never say, “They betrayed me so I will betray them”, because, if you do, then you have learned nothing. You get what you deserve, choose your friends wisely.

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