You’ve heard the saying it’s like comparing Apples to Oranges. Isn’t this a beautiful saying? Think about it, there are things that are neither right nor wrong but just different. Isn’t this the way with men and women? Each has their strengths and weaknesses, and they do better in life trying to benefit each other than to tear each other down.

Who Is Stronger?

If you watch movies these days, they have everything backwards, don’t they? They show women beating up on men, sometimes several men at one time. These anti-nature movies promote a morbid view of both men and women. Men of course are stronger and faster. Therefore, we do not include women in men’s sports. Apple pie does not contain any oranges either.

The Balance

Men and women balance each other in harmony if they only let it. They do well to work towards a common goal. What good has ever come from competition between men and women? Women should never desire to be men, and men should never desire to be women. When we work in harmony with nature and not against it, we can fulfill our lives.

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Mens Natural Feelings Towards Women

Men have a natural inclination to protect women, this is instinctual. In order for a man to do physical harm to a woman, he must go against his instinct. A man does more harm to himself if he harms women or children. Is this why they coined the term “Gentle-Men”? In order for a man to feel good about himself, he must be “gentle” towards women. Not just women perhaps, but towards children and even other men.

Even if you are gentle towards the nastiest of women, you will feel better about yourself when you walk away. Never give in to the trap of competing against a woman because even if with winning, you gain nothing.

Depraved Hollywood

Here is an establishment that is always pitting men and women against each other, isn’t it? Their encouragement and proclination of unnatural characters confuse our view of these roles. I am convinced that Hollywood hates nature. How many families are they directly and indirectly responsible for breaking up? Their entertainment is nothing but poison for humanity.

Should A Man Defend Himself

Yes, of course a man should defend himself but do only what is necessary to do. If a woman strikes a man, then she must brace herself for the recoil of her actions. The man has a responsibility towards himself to protect his temple.

How To Destroy A Country

You destroy a country by complicating the roles of both men and women. Therefore, neither has a clear vision of their roles, neither of them understand what their purpose is. They have brought down every powerful nation that ever existed by their own people’s unwillingness to work in harmony with nature. Working against nature is not a good thing.

The Power Of Women

Personally, I believe that the actual power of women is their creativity. Women are the “life-givers” to humankind and without women nothing would be possible, would it? When I see a woman’s ingenuity to create simple things that make life more enjoyable, I stand in awe and amazement. Their ability to make something out of nothing leaves me speechless. To watch their imaginations go wild with what they create is indeed amazing! They make things pretty, don’t they? There is a certain unique kind of love in the work of their hands. There is a tenderness that is way more powerful than a punch from the strongest of men. There is nothing inferior about a woman’s role, and to put them in direct competition with a man is just plain stupid.

The Meaning Of Love

Understand the meaning of love and do not confuse it with lust. We are all capable of it if we only work in harmony with nature. As men, we must love our role as men. Women need to love their role as being a woman. Men need to show women they admire them, tell them how much you appreciate them. Be genuine because that only makes you a better man. In turn, women need to appreciate the power of men. Understand that they have confused the roles of men and women. Convince the man that you are not in competition with him but are a partner with him.

There is not a greater or less role between men and women. Only Hollywood and other entities that seek your destruction want to convince you of this. Have a clear vision and never distort your most important position in the harmony of men and women.

Image by Ivonne Nöhren from Pixabay

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