Some hate Stoicism because it does not resonate with their lifestyle. Many claim that Stoicism is mundane or just a religious cult. For people who love stress and anxiety or inflicting it upon others, they may claim this to be true. Others who claim that Stoicism is a boring religious cult have no clue what they are talking about however, Stoicism may not be for everyone.

Stoicism Is Not For Everyone

The enthusiastic Stoic; mainly new Stoics, when they discover this tool or lifestyle modification want to share it with everyone immediately. When they share it with others, it surprises them that others do not adopt the philosophy immediately.

Who May Not Enjoy The Stoic Lifestyle?

There are many kinds of people that may not enjoy the Stoic lifestyle. Of these worry-worts come to mind. They actually enjoy worrying about things. These may be Politicians, Journalist, Environmentalist, Preachers, just to mention a few. Stoics are Stoics because they enjoy living as a Stoic, stress free and living in harmony with nature. People who enjoy worrying about the future or nostalgically live in the past may fail at a Stoic lifestyle.

Stoicism Is A Natural Process

A Stoic may be a person who has served under someone else or shared time with someone who fretted about everything. They may have witnessed this person decay after many years of worry, stress and anxiety. They eventually ask themselves the same question every Stoic asks themselves. “Why? Why worry? Why stress myself out? What benefit or accomplishment has fear, stress, and anxiety ever accomplished for me?” After they calculate the benefits compared to the cost, a Stoic will conclude that the stress was not worth it and live their life accordingly.

The Stoic Logic

Also, natural in the Stoic philosophy is the logic that it adopts. There are different angles to see things, and in Stoicism we see them through a glass that is beneficial to the whole and not just one individual. Yet, however, in order to build the whole you must build the individual. This sometimes means pointing out the obvious with abstract expressions.

A Natural Born Stoic

Many people after discovering the Stoic philosophy take on the name of “Stoic” because they have been living that way their entire life. They really do not care that the concept of Stoicism is a Hellenistic Philosophy started by Zeno in the 3rd Century B.C. These details are immaterial to them. If they name the lifestyle “Stoicism” makes no difference in how these people approach their lives because they have been doing it despite giving the concept a name. Actually, they couldn’t care less of the Stoic philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca and many more because they live a natural lifestyle that naturally finds its way to a worry and stress-free life. These kinds of people are the philosophers and possibly keep the knowledge to themselves. They have no ambition to write or share but to live their own philosophy that we know as Stoicism.

Is Stoicism A Religion or a Cult?

It is interesting that people of all walks of life, and religious faiths adopt Stoicism. It’s not a cult because Stoicism is a tool like Science. Ironically, the only people that should have a problem with Stoicism are Atheist. Why? Because all the great philosophers of Stoicism were “Theist” and refer to God many times in their writings. This should not be surprising though because the Atheist have tried to take over other “Theist” invented tools like “Science”. – pun intended!

Basically, an Atheist is a pandering sniveling little brat full of resentment and hate that has faith in an impossible paradox called “Atheism”. There can be nothing more illogical and opposed to Stoicism than an Atheist.

Stoicism In A Nutshell

I live in the moment; I learn from my past and contemplate my future. I will not worry about things I do not have control over. It will not bother me. It shall not control me, I shall control myself. I will honor my virtues. I am Alpha, not Beta, I am the leader of myself!

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Interestingly enough, some see themselves as strong because they have lost their religion. Some view it as “Growing Up”, giving up the childhood fairytales and becoming “intelligent” or “enlightened”. There is a justification in their minds mainly because of their “education” or “indoctrination” they received in the secular world with all its political biases added.

Is this a trustworthy decision, and is it smart to exchange your entire paradigm on the chance that the foundation of faith that you have built is flawed? Are atheist really independently strong, or are they depending on a network of supporters much like theist do? Is Atheism a religion in itself?

Scientific Evidence

In schools they teach young people about science and evidence. They also teach them how to interpret the evidence. This seems logical, does it not? In order to learn, you must always try to interpret evidence. The problem here is that they teach that science gives you “empirical truth”. The fact of the matter is it depends on who you talk to and you can get several interpretations of the “Scientific Evidence”. Critical thinking should be your guide here because there are people with agendas especially in educational establishments.

Politics in Science

It is fitting that we discuss “Politics In Science” here. In the “Academia World” there are political struggles for power and dominance. We also know that the young people are gullable to believe anything their favorite professors throw at them.  Glory seekers are everywhere, and the dynamic favors Atheistic Academia. There is no factual truth that the average person can actually rely upon.

Loaded talking points, agendas to fulfill, inexperienced students to impress for their money, prestigious institutions, and a load of bullshit pushed upon the public. All this disguised as a discipline in a world of fantasy and manipulation that we call the “Educational System”. Not to mention the fact that these very ideas make their ways into Hollywood and Documentaries to convince a gullable public relying on these institutions for truth. Oh my, what a strange situation we have created for ourselves.

Killing God

Proudly, we hear some proclaim repeatedly about their efforts to kill god. They feel they have successfully killed God because they have been able to infiltrate the academia world full of young gullable people and convince them. The fact of the matter is that a lifetime full of experiences is worth a lot more than a few years in a college. In fact, the college world can teach you more about politics that it could ever teach you about truth.

Just because a professor can teach some young inexperienced individual that there is no god does not mean that you have accomplished anything worthwhile. Argue the point with someone more established.

The Irony Freedom of Religion in School

We have religion being taught in our public schools here in the USA. It is the “Atheistic Religion” school of faith and politics. The irony is that your kids are being indoctrinated by this religious faith because they disguise themselves as “non-belief” when in fact this could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that they have a faith and religion and are advocating it in the public schools and colleges. Don’t believe me? Check out the “Atheist Church” in Seattle, Washington!

Just like any other religion, they believe their “School Of Thought” is the true one. Oh, the irony, right? They get away with this in the Public School system because they claim they are NOT a religion, they claim they are “Free From Religion”, oh the liars they are! Has the obvious awoken in you yet?

Deception of Reason

Deception is nothing new, it comes in all different disguises and masks. However, self-deception seems worse to me. Convincing yourself of an idea just because you think it is cool or in style does not make it truth!

Atheist highjack terms like “reason” and apply it in their talking points. Their only “reason” is their “atheistic interpretations” of every concept introduced. They are worse than the theist that say “Praise The Lord” after every paragraph or conversation.  Their position is NOT non-belief it is defiance and deception, and if that is not blatantly clear to any critical thinker than nothing ever will be!

“Zeno would also say that nothing is more hostile to a firm grasp on knowledge than self-deception.”

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Christianity and the Cold Pitiless Blind Indifference of Nature | Objective Morality

To be afraid or not be afraid, that is the question. Many Atheist accuse Theist of letting fear get the best of them when it comes to seeking the truth. They refer to the fact that we all have to die and they further claim that Christian’s are making up fables to comfort themselves. Besides that, they further claim Christian’s are doing greater damage by passing it off as truth when it is all fictional.

Touche to their bravery, right? I mean, thank god for the fearless atheist to enlighten our way to give us “The Truth”, right? They teach of the “Cold blind pitiless indifference of nature” to illustrate the point that there is no god or intelligent designer.

The Christians Point

That is exactly the Christian’s point, that there is cold blind pitiless indifference and that honesty, the honesty of nature, is the prevailing justice we can count on. Objective morality is a similar point entirely explained through “Theism” accurately enough to comprehend. The evolutionary model of “Morality” is in fact “Subjective Morality” and atheist claim the “Objective Morality” is just as fictional as the belief in God.

So right and wrong is a superlative argument to the Christian, but is a subjective argument to an Atheist. To an Atheist “Right and Wrong” only exists in the figments of our imaginations.

More on the Christians Point

In essence, the Atheist claim there are no “Objective Moral Laws” and to that I respond regretfully. When would it ever be right to rape and murder a 2-year-old girl then throw her in the dumpster? Is there any time in the past, present or future that that would be right? If you answered no like many of us do we recognize that as a violation of an “Objective Moral Law”! There are many things that we could think of to illustrate the point that just turns the stomach however, I believe we made the point.

Interestingly enough, I have had conversations with Atheist that felt that there may be some time when such an act would be acceptable depending on the time and circumstances. I kindly ask them to never even think about looking at my daughters.

Objective Moral Law

Just because we can fly an airplane does not mean that the law of gravity does not exist. In this same manner, to reasonable individuals, violations of Objective Moral Laws exist like murder, thievery, abuse and so on. When we have to defend ourself by inflicting pain on someone wishing to inflict pain on us is not a violation of this law but an affirmation that the “Objective Moral Laws” actually exists.

Stoics and Atheism

The Stoics furthest thought is “Atheism”. Atheism is nothing new, we have tried it repeatedly even on a national scale. It is a “Faith” that claims to be “Anti-Faith” which makes it a paradox that desperate people advocate ironically. Whatever their reason for Atheism, we know that it is “Subjective Reasoning” because that is all they believe in. There is nothing “Objective” about atheism and a genuine believer in “Atheism” should even admit that.

How do we know that the early Stoics did not endorse Atheism? Because there were Greek philosophers that were already teaching Atheism dating back to 500 B. C. and even further to 1500 B.C. like Diagoras of Melos. All the most famous Stoic’s claim “Belief In God” through their writings. The most powerful thinkers and philosophers believe in God, and ironically we have many self-proclaimed Atheist quoting from them today in order to live better lives.


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We are social creatures, are we not? With that leads to downfall as well because we are constantly trying to impress someone else. My grandparents called people who like to impress others “Show Offs”. While raising my children I heard, “Hey Dad, look what I can do!” quite a few times. So it is natural for us to be impressed, impress ourselves and impress others.

“Show Offs” did not impress my grandparents because such a person lacked humility and other virtues valued by Stoic’s. “Show Offs” diminish their character by putting too much stock in one thing. They believe that the facade of the “latest and greatest” house, car, job or physical ability is the very reason for their existence.  They never really grasp that the most valuable thing they posses are their virtues.

Self Satisfaction Inner Fulfilment

As a hiker, I enjoy pushing myself to new extremes. Colder temperatures, inclement weather, steeper higher climbs and so forth. I cannot help but get a little inner self satisfaction when I conquer those new challenges. I cannot brag about such things because there are others that go higher, further, faster and so on. So what I can do would be a disappointment for someone else with greater ability, and then maybe to another person who cannot do such things it may be inspirational.

This is where I like my influence to lie. You may not be the best, but you will not be the worst if you only try. Inner fulfilment needs to be your goal, this is the mountain we all need to climb.

Being The Best

What or who is the best, really? Will there not always be someone faster, stronger, smarter and so on? By being humble you find that inner fulfilment and it will bring you much joy. My son David has a delightful saying, and I think that I will use it here. He tells others, “You do you.”. At first that kind of pissed me off, I thought it was selfish because in effect he was telling me I should only worry about me. Well, being a father, I cannot do that when it comes to him. However, after thinking about it for a while, I realized that his point is that he was going to impress himself and not worry about what others do. Wow, I thought to myself, “Damn, I’m a brilliant father!” Pun intended.

Marcus Aurelius On Inner Fulfilment

It is helpful to read what Marcus Aurelius wrote on this issue.

“I have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others. If then a god or a wise teacher should present himself to a man and bid him to think of nothing and to design nothing which he would not express as soon as he conceived it, he could not endure it even for a single day. So much more respect have we to what our neighbors shall think of us than to what we shall think of ourselves.” -Meditations 12.4

How To Impress Yourself

There is no greater way to impress yourself than by practicing humility. First recognize you will not be the greatest and best at a certain activity. You will not be the richest and you will never reach the apex of financial wealth. The most important thing in your life are your virtues.

Carl Peterson & Alan Watts

There is a man that taught me many things as a young lad. His name is Carl Peterson, and he is a good man. One day Carl and I were talking about accomplishing a lot of things. He looked at me and said, “How do you eat an elephant?”. I replied, “How?”. He said, “One bite at a time.”.

Alan Watts was an inspirational speaker that I enjoy listening to. You can still find his recordings on YouTube. His philosophic terminology deals a lot with living in the moment. He illustrates doing a truck load of dishes and how overwhelming it is to even think about a task. However, you must realize that you need to do those dishes one dish at a time. So in effect you are not washing a truckload of dishes, you are only washing one dish.

Impress Yourself

So now getting back to this business of impressing yourself with humility. Recognize that you like everyone else in the world have 24 hours in a day, in those 24 hours you have 1,440 minutes and in those 1,440 minutes you have 86,400 seconds.

Now the best of the best can only take how many steps in 1 second? Probably not much more than you. So let’s take this one second at a time, shall we? Whatever goal it is that you have, whatever thing you want to accomplish, do it one second at a time. Do not do it 2 seconds at a time, that is impossible like we discussed before. You only have this moment to live, so live it; accomplish your goal and impress yourself!

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Memento Mori | Remember That You Must Die | Stoicism

Death is as natural as conception, My father died the other day of COVID-19 it was not death that made me sad, it was the end of “memory making” in this life form. Should I not actually be happy for my father, he no longer suffers. Should I not be grateful for the memories we made? I am grateful for death’s door because when it comes knocking I will let it in just like the birth of a child. Do people really fear the unknown? If so, what about before you were conceived in this life form? Were you afraid then? That, of course, was “The Unknown” as well. It is silly to worry about death and I say this after I have buried 2 of my children, my sister and my father. Memento Mori, “Remember That You Must Die” but don’t worry about it just like you never worried about being born because death in all reality is a natural re-birth. Understand the concept of being “Stoic”; We do not worry about the “Inevitable” we deal with what we have control over at this very moment, right now.

The Most Important Moment

The most important moment of your life is right here, right now. Thank you for sharing this moment with me! There is no other greater moment than this because this is the only moment that you have control over. Ten seconds from now or ten seconds ago are not here or gone entirely. There is no getting back the past and furthermore there is never any possibility of living in the future. Stop, sit back, breathe and realize this.

The Most Important Place

The most important place is where you are right now, ironic isn’t it? The most important things in your life deal with the here and now, and nothing else matters. You may “anticipate” your next move I encourage it however live in the here and now.

This is your place, you occupy it; you own it; it is yours! Think about it, even if someone else is throwing you out from the place you stand in the next ten seconds, they can never erase the fact that you owned that space with your existence in it.

Stoicism & Virtues

Your “Virtues” are the most important thing in Stoicism because that is what you have control over in your space. Your virtues are the most important thing in your life. The only place and time that you have to practice such a noble character is right here and right now! Let this be your craft, let this be your guide.

Stoics Are Everywhere

I could not help but think of an old friend of mine when writing the above material. I do not want to put him on the spot, but his name is Bob, and he ran a crane in the shipping and receiving department at a place in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

I was a trucker at the time and visited Bob nearly every day and sometimes several times a day. I made it my resolve that no matter where I went that I would have a positive attitude, wave to everyone and have a smile on my face. I would “Own The Moments” by practicing this. I would change the atmosphere and change my world.

I worked at the place for a few weeks, then I met Bob. Well, guess what? Bob beat me to the resolve. He beat me to the smile, to the wave and the positive attitude. I almost felt jealous at the time, but then knew that was going to be my favorite place to go. Yes, it was. Sometimes I would stay even after I could have left just to talk to Bob, and I chose loads that took me to that place.

Well, not only did Bob manifest these qualities, but I noticed that everyone that worked with Bob manifested these qualities. He infected everyone around him with his positiveness.

Bob’s Test

Well, after a year or two went by, I saw Bob at the main plant in a guard shack where I frequently stopped to check in and out. I saw that Bob had lost quite a bit a weight and there he was with that big smile and positive attitude. Bob then informed me he had a serious case of sugar diabetes and that caused his severe weight loss. I thought to myself, and you are telling me this with a smile on your face and a positive attitude? Bob continued, “Just look at the weight I lost!”

Although concerned about my friend, I am sure he could see it on my face I did not succumb to a negative response. I knew that Bob would just turn it around to something positive, anyway. So I responded with, “Bob’s weight loss plan!”. We both laughed but Bob being the Stoic I knew he was; replied, “Well, we will see what happens.” I knew he was taking it one moment at a time, like he did his entire life, like a true Stoic does.

That was years ago, and Bob is still alive and well today. I have not seen him in a minute or two, but I remain hopeful.

Much love, respect and honor to you all!

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Drama Queens | Christians | Social Media Theatrics | Dishonesty

Marcus Aurelius did not appreciate the theatrics of some people. It turned him off so to speak so that when commenting about Christians he remarked that he did not appreciate their theatrics. Even though I am a Christian and a devout believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and King of the Universe I too do not appreciate or value the theatrics people display weather they are Christians or not. I believe it cheapens the message and individual so to speak therefore, let me elaborate.

In marketing today there is much dishonesty through “hype” or “theatrics” just to sell something. Furthermore, we hear expressions like “Oh My God”, people use terms like this for the “drama effect” or to present their “self righteous indignation”. So this “marketing” effect has made its way into everyday lives where comments are “Over the top”. We see their comments on social media; although entertaining, sometimes these people are really seeing their lives in this theatrical nightmare. Possibly to add some excitement to their already dull and boring existence or so they think? I am sure you have seen the drama kings and queens on display touting their self righteousness.

I believe sincere people like Stoics should refrain from these kinds of theatrics when communicating a serious message like the Christian or Stoic message. Sure, there is a time to be funny but the constant theatrical display of some people make me avoid them altogether.

Love Dad

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”
― Marcus Aurelius

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The Ontological Argument | Does God Exist? | The Best Evidence | Stoic Thoughts

I want to discuss with you a situation that may assume at times “The Ontological Argument”. The ontological argument is the argument that assumes God exists. Now, weather God exists in one particular form or another does not matter, you still have a life to live. However there are several situations that arise from time to time that infer the existence of a higher consciousness. Instead of dogmatically refusing to believe and skeptically destroying oneself it may be wise to explore the inference. What do you really have to be afraid of anyway? It will not change your circumstances one way or another because what is, simply is.

This will be my final letter to you for the year of 2019 and this year has been marred with much confusion and hate politically speaking. The situation I am referring to is the political unrest and lies spewed forth from certain political parties. Lying by omission is still a lie which they tend to utilize to its fullest potential. The outright blatant lies spewed forth from the media purposely to mislead people has been the highest point of disgust.

There has always been a struggle of good and evil and the evidence for this has been blatantly abundant in these recent years. So how does one keep his composure, his dignity and grace? The answer is our stoic belief that we will only worry about what we can control and do not worry about what you do not have any control over.

Governor Huckabee said it well when he indicated that our war is not of flesh and blood but with evil entities that seek to destroy us. In my prayers I pray that you become one in body, mind, soul and spirit with the fruitages of the Spirit. Binding yourself to every good virtue is for a protection.

So one may ask about all this hocus pokus and indicate that they do not believe in the existence of God however I beg to ask then, do these fruits of the spirit actually exist? Namely can we say that love really exists without a lover? Can kindness exist without compassion? Can faith exist without hope? Need I go on? None of this is scientific but is it true? Of course it is because these things actually exist and they existed long before this worlds creation.

Love Dad

Crows pick out the eyes of the dead, when the dead have no longer need of them; but flatterers mar the soul of the living, and her eyes they blind. – Epictetus

Flatterers : a person who lavishes praise, often insincerely; a sycophant.

It escapes me to imagine any greater concept than but what is to describe the circumstance of everything we have presently to prescribe existence to an illusive entity, yet I do believe this would be necessary considering the circumstances and the virtues we now have. In short, virtues are impossible without a virtue giver and if in fact virtues actually exist it seems logical that they predate the one practicing them. – Maximus

The Ontological Argument Does God Exist The Best Evidence Stoic Thoughts
The Ontological Argument Does God Exist The Best Evidence Stoic Thoughts
why you picked that Epictetus quote
why you picked that Epictetus quote
a stoic conversation
a stoic conversation
stoics speaking about nothing
stoics speaking about nothing
stoics speaking about nothing cont
stoics speaking about nothing cont

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Compassion The Beginning Of Eternal Wisdom | Stoic Philosophy

My twilight hour seems to come between 2 A. M. and 5 A. M. at any time during those hours I am given strange dreams. I do not share them all but some of them I write down in my notebooks. This morning my dream showed that I was embracing a skeleton. It was kind of strange because never before had I embraced a skeleton and the thought is kind of morbid to me while awake. However, while I was dreaming I felt so comfortable embracing this skeleton. I rubbed my fingers across its skull then touched the spinal column and was so intrigued that my curiosity was on fire. I then had a thought, who was this skeleton that I was embracing? The answer came out of the Universe and to my surprise told me that it was me!

I am convinced that we must embrace our physical mortality. However, at the same time I asked the universe what is the most important thing to live by? I needed to know to teach my sons and daughters the correct way. It was the plainest words to my ears, I heard “Intelligence IS NOT the apex of existence, Compassion is!”. It was a forceful and authoritative tone and very convincing.

I merely discovered this river and I am passing on what I received to you. The concept of compassion is greater than any one of us and is the beginning of eternal wisdom. Others drink from this same river but never share, others are still looking and still others are just plain out of touch. So you knowing this are far ahead of someone who does not!

Journal daily please because by this you will come to know yourself. Journaling also advances the way to self-improvement which also will reveal interesting things about yourself and others.

Weather dreams are warnings, advice, non-sense, or a way to communicate with high entities try to write them down. I know it sucks when you’re young to get up and write them down when they come to you at 3 A.M but we are also designed to forget them. So use self-discipline get up and write them down!

Anyway, its almost Christmas 2019 and Harley, you are coming home for 10 days. I will value every moment you are home with us.

Memento Mori

Love Dad

“No school has more goodness and gentleness; none has more love for human beings, nor more attention to the common good. The goal which it assigns to us is to be useful, to help others, and to take care, not only of ourselves, but of everyone in general and of each one in particular.” — Seneca, On Clemency 3.3

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