Life Girls Clothes Friends And LIFE Again | Poetic Justice

Honestly, did you think your entire life was going to be peaches and cream? When I was 16 I was trying to fit in. What kind of music should I listen too? What girls should I like and why? What should my attire be made of? How do I know if someone is a bull shitter or sincere? What kind of friends should I have or should I accept anyone as a friend? And that was just the beginning of my confusion.

Like every other 16 year old I made all the wrong decisions because my enlightenment was not granted, yes I learned the hard way but you do not have to. At 16, 17 or even 18 into your 20’s and some even into their 30’s are not grasping basic fundamentals in this game we call life.

Tell me what your needs are and I will tell you they will change. Priorities are life sustaining decisions whether you know it or not. A sniveling little brat knows nothing of their priorities but expects them all to be provided to them as a right, a demand if you will. The worst thing a parent could do to that type of child is to enable them.

The army when accepting new recruits now just assumes that every young person joining is a self centered, self entitled spoiled moron, furthermore they are 90% right! Oh what decadence has become of this generation! It’s hard for any normal person to stomach them let alone an employer!

So what happened you may ask? The issue is simple, lack of self discipline. You see in this game we call life there are people that have self-discipline and those that lack self-discipline and the disgusting thing about it all is they do not care. Many are so self entitled even though they have never worked for a thing in their life, they believe they are owed just for being born!

How do we correct this problem? Simple, abstinence! Let them starve for everything. No internet, no privileges, no smart phone, nada nothing at all except maybe bread and water. This means all comforts, yes hot water is a comfort, it is not necessary. This helps them realize the graciousness of their parents by giving them “comforts” or “privileges” one step at a time. This means “limited internet” maybe 20 minutes a day, maybe hot water with a 5 minute shower.

Well, you may say, that is a little drastic don’t you think? You tell me what is worse the above solution or a full grown person who is debilitated because they know not how to care for themselves. Teaching appreciation solves the issue on the other hand “enabling” contributes to the delinquency.

The major problem is we have candy ass parents not willing to be the “bad guy” for their children. Next thing you know they are wrapped up with the justice system and wondering where they went wrong. Here is poetic justice, you get what you deserve! Amen!

Love Dad
ps. make my grandchildren exactly like you and I will be a happy grandpa!

“You get what you deserve. Instead of being a good person today, you choose instead to become one tomorrow.” —Marcus Aurelius

Life Girls Clothes Friends And LIFE Again Poetic Justice
Life Girls Clothes Friends And LIFE Again Poetic Justice

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Abnormal Things Are Wonderful

I have had some enchanted experiences in my lifetime and recognized them as such even from an early age. In fact I inherently felt that such an abnormal thing was not suppose to happen and for me to be a witness of it was more of a curse or burden than a blessing.

The mechanistic world is lost because it does not understand poetry or philosophy and that my sons is where the real truth comes from. By these means we can truly begin to understand love, gratitude, feeling and more. Oh I might be an old sap however I am sure these means may explain better my situation and predicament as well.

Abnormal things are wonderful because they blow apart the mechanistic paradigm that culturally indoctrinates us all even without us realizing what is happening to us. There is no doubt strange things exist but what is even stranger is the hard core skeptics that make fools of themselves explaining strange things in a mechanistic way.

The majestic waterfall fills our hearts with joy and wonderment. It is so satisfying to take it all in and experience the fresh air and the great sound of waters crashing against the water beneath. It even becomes more wonderful when you share that moment with someone you love. No one can take those feelings of love and admiration away from you unless you let them.

The skeptic however will try to steal your moment by talking a bunch of scientific gibberish that does not even matter. Furthermore it would be more admirable for him to be able to talk out of his ass because it would be more amusing.

I am playing, I am dancing to this symphony called life! It is not a problem for me to enjoy it, it would be a problem for me not to enjoy it. A mechanistic world view looks for reason not to enjoy life and to explain it away as a problem. Do not think too much, in everything there is moderation and peace.

Moment Mori

Love Dad

“It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.”
― Seneca

abnormal things are wonderful
abnormal things are wonderful

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Human Experience | Amor Fati

I wanted to write to you about getting the most out of your human experience. As you know we are spirit beings having a human experience as I have expressed to you in the past. It does not matter what other people believe, by the time they all figure it out they will be long dead and gone from this place and moved on. So in this respect time is not on the skeptics side as it never is.

First and foremost I wanted to mention practice being in this present moment. Previously I mentioned the importance of “Memento Mori” which is “Remember That You Must Die”. However, before you know it, this human experience will be gone and what was it all for really? Well the mystery of life is not to solve a problem but to have the experience. I give my closest friends a token to remind them to appreciate their own human experience in the form of a coin.

I feel my time is short and I cannot express all what I need to before the my clock runs out and my universe changes. Not even 100 more years would be enough.

The deep dark sewers of depression are easily avoided if you only follow my instructions. You have 3 things to look after mind, body and spirit. To forgive all is to understand all. This means having no guilt about anything. In other words forgiving yourself about anything and everything is essential no matter how many times that you have been wrong in the past. Therefore your growth will be optimal.

Compassion is essential in your human experience. One without compassion is a cesspool of loathing. Being compassionate with yourself is good practice then compassion with others is possible. Empathy, consideration, love and all good and wonderful things need to be apart of your human experience to get the most out of it.

Amor Fati

Love Dad

“Think of the life you have lived until now as over and, as a dead man, see what’s left as a bonus and live it according to Nature. Love the hand that fate deals you and play it as your own, for what could be more fitting?” – Marcus Aurelius

get the most out of our human experience
getting the most out of our human experience

Stoic Principles To Live By | Stoicism Finding Fulfillment

These are great and wonderful Stoic principles to keep in mind. You could call them rules but in Stoicism there really are not rules per say.

Don’t be overheard complaining…even to yourself (Marcus)
Don’t put on airs about your self-improvement (Epictetus)
Don’t overindulge in eating or drinking (Musonius)
Don’t speak more than you listen (Zeno)
Don’t avoid difficulty (Seneca)
Don’t tie your identity to the clothes you wear, things you own (Cato)
Don’t conceal what you truly believe (Arius Didymus)
Don’t go along just to get along (Agrippinus)
Don’t be all about business (Marcus)
Don’t put off to tomorrow what can be finished today (Seneca)
Don’t shun people you disagree with (Seneca)
Don’t sleep the day away (Marcus)
Don’t neglect your friendships (Seneca)
Don’t waste time thinking you are going to live forever (all)

I got the above list from my friends at The Daily Stoic and thought they did a good job!

Comfort Is The Enemy | Pain Is Your Friend

I’m curious, is seeking too much pleasure and comfort a circular thought? I’m sincere here, if all one seeks is pleasure and comfort there has to be a point when it is too much or turns back into pain or even torture. Ironic isn’t it that pleasure and comfort will eventually turn into pain one way or another in the future?

A knife does not cut itself and a fire does not burn itself; neither do lips kiss themselves. What do I mean by this? There needs to be a relation, a balance if you will. We cannot have good without evil and we cannot have evil without the good. They would simply not be discernible.

For example; what is the opposite of “ognals”? Damned if I know either, I just made that word up but I am sure if we knew the meaning there would be an opposing side, right? Therefore we always think in relationships. Eventually there has to be a balance and Lord knows you do not want to wait until death to realize it.

When it comes to pleasure and comfort or suffering and pain you must partake of both. Better is it that these are in your control than let fate or worse yet the Universe to balance it out. This is not Karma, totally different but I am speaking of natural processes. I have written enough on Karma in the past and it has nothing to do with nature.

Oh should we pity the ignorant? Should we pity those who stuff themselves with junk and garbage even though they do it of their own free will? Should we pity the couch potato? Sure we should, perhaps those people are our balance by ingesting all the garbage the we do not. Maybe this is Darwinian Natural selection?- pun intended.

Either way, I believe you boys should encourage all your friends to eat healthy and live good lives. Do not seek pleasure or comfort, let it naturally happen. It is much better that way anyway. Keep reading Jerry Kyles writings, this man knows what he is talking about. When you learn from the wise you become wiser and jump way ahead of your peers.

Remember to have compassion, empathy and love. I am convinced there is nothing greater in this world that those virtues.

Memento Mori

Love Dad

It is a sin to pursue pleasure as a good and to avoid pain as a evil.
Marcus Aurelius

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Be your Own Magic And Meditate

Today I want to write to you about being your own magic. Different people have different abilities so the true skill is to appreciate other people. Just look at what happens when a brick layer a carpenter and architect come together. To deny the other gifts in men is to deprive yourself of wisdom.

I enjoy researching life hacks as a motivation for myself. I have utilized several things from cold showers to meditations. No matter what I try I do it with a positive outlook that what I desire is what the outcome will be.

The most powerful thing I have been doing for years is meditations. I believe you boys need to take the first hour that you are awake and dedicate it to meditation and breathing. This may require you to get up an hour earlier so make sure you compensate it by going to bed an hour earlier if need be.

This first hour is where you will create your own magic during your meditations and breathing discipline. There are several ones that I have taught you but I especially like the “Fruitage Mediation” that I came up with.

Sitting cross-legged Indian style blow out all your breath, as you do this rub your hands together. This will sync the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The magic number here is 9 heartbeats because there are 9 fruitages that we will breathe in. It is important to breathe through your nose and not your mouth. Make the sign of the cross in the air with hands together to start the meditation.

So the first breath when you breathe in think of the fruit of LOVE. As you breathe in think of the way it smells and feels. Let it fill the tank of your soul from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. After the tank is filled stop breathing in for 9 heartbeats. You can count your heartbeats by taking your middle finger and bring it straight down and touch the hand at the base of the palm. There is a vein that goes through there and you can count your heartbeats that way.

As you are holding during these 9 heartbeats push the virtue of LOVE deep into the lower part of your belly, this lower part is your reserve tank. You will compress all 9 virtues into this tank. Make sure not to push too hard but just enough to make room for the other 8 virtues that you will be building on top of the foundation of LOVE. Let LOVE permeate your body and be in a receiving state of mind. It feels wonderful and brings with it much strength. After counting 9 heartbeats let 3/4ths of the air out to make room for JOY.

Now breathe in deeply through your nose the virtue of JOY. Feel the virtue fill up your tank before you compress it with LOVE that is already there. You should start experiencing a higher sense of awareness. Think of the way JOY feels and tastes. It’s temperature is just right maybe a slightly warm feeling. After 9 heartbeat counts then let ¾ air out and make room for PEACE.

Breathe in PEACE and smell the pleasant aroma. Let your blood become saturated with it. Hold for 9 heartbeats and push it into your reserve tank that you will carry with you throughout the day. After 9 heartbeats let ¾ of the air out because PATIENCE is next.

Breathe in the virtue of PATIENCE notice its temperature, it is cool and sensational. It like a cooling waterfall and just as beautiful too. Hold it there for 9 heartbeats and push it into the bosom of your soul. After holding for 9 heartbeats let ¾ of the air out and get ready for KINDNESS.

As you breathe in KINDNESS feel the warmth of your blood. KINDNESS will tingle throughout your entire body and is an essential virtue to being a whole man. Hold for 9 heartbeats and think of KINDNESS and the way it makes you feel. Compress it into your reserve tank. Be kind especially to yourself. Let ¾ air out after 9 heartbeats because the next virtue we need is GOODNESS.

Think of the color of GOODNESS as you breathe it in. How does GOODNESS look or feel? Only you can answer that question as with all these virtues that you partake of. A good man does more than what is required of him this is what makes him “good”. Hold for 9 heartbeats then let ¾ air out and make way for FAITH.

Understand the delicateness of FAITH as you breathe it in. FAITH is a sister to hope and the 2 operate well together. FAITH can help you with remote viewing and seeing future events. FAITH is for wise and discerning people. Weak people do not know the meaning of FAITH because they do not have it. Hold this breath for 9 heartbeats then let ¾ out and be ready for MEEKNESS.

MEEKNESS is one of the most inviting of all virtues. With it we can show compassion and empathy. MEEKNESS is humility so breathe it in and feel its wonder for 9 heartbeats. Hold for 9 heartbeats then let ¾ out and be ready for the final virtue which is TEMPERANCE.

As you breathe in TEMPERANCE know that this virtue is second only to LOVE in strength. It is said that a man who has TEMPERANCE is more than a strong town. TEMPERANCE is also known as Self-Control or Will-Power. It is a wonderful learning mechanism. Hold for 9 heartbeats and push it into your reserve tank.

Finally let out all the air from your lungs and bow your head and pray for your day!

Love Dad

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Why Hate and Anger Are A Sign Of Weakness

HATE, although it is a strong word is a sign of weakness. The same is true of anger and frustration. I am not fan of negativity but I think it is important that you know them so you can identify them.

Let take a look at the positive accomplishments of hate. ____ Well, that was short, wasn’t it? So now you should realize that hate will not let you accomplish anything, right?

Why is someone weak if they are angered or frustrated? It is because they do not have an answer to satisfy themselves. Many times it is because they are looking in the wrong area or they have the wrong map.

Take for example drug addiction. There are many good people addicted to mind numbing narcotics. Why? Because they are looking in the wrong place for satisfactory answers.

Keep this is mind my sons, people WILL destroy themselves to find an answer that is standing right in front of their face. Why, you may ask? Because the answer is less important than the question. Let me explain this can of worms.

Consider a “premise”, this is a foundation on which an argument is based. You begin to build your linguistic arrangements based upon a premise. However, if the premise is flawed it will begin to break down at some point in time. This leads me into another thing called “flow” which I will teach you about later.

So, if the premise of the question is flawed the answer will be worse. To support a flawed premise will lead to insanity and possibly horrible answers to questions that should of never been asked.

This is why we see drug addicts make one bad decision after another. This is why a “liar” and a “thief” are grouped together. Flawed premises act like black holes and once you give your mind over to those types of things it is very difficult and may be nearly impossible to escape.

Addicts think that because they are in pain they always need a drug to numb it. In reality pain is good and it is awesome to feel pain and discomfort. How would we know not to touch fire, jump off a cliff, or wrestle a wild Grizzly bear?

Learn to love your pain, it is a teacher like no other so let it speak to you. If it is not debilitating, value the God given pain that saves lives every day.

The opposite of HATE is LOVE and it is an amazing word. I think LOVE is way more powerful than hate ever will be.

Memento Mori

You shouldn’t give circumstances the power to rouse anger, for they don’t care at all. — Marcus Aurelius

How much better to heal than seek revenge from injury. Vengeance wastes a lot of time and exposes you to many more injuries than the first that sparked it. Anger always outlasts hurt. Best to take the opposite course. — Seneca

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How To Show A Kid You Hate Him

Do you want to show a kid that you really hate him? Give him everything you possibly can! Then after you are done with that then tell him how sorry you are because you could not give him more. After that then let them feel sorry for themselves and pity them so they regret every challenge they are faced with in life. Let them go pout in their bedroom while they tell the world on their smart phones how abused they are. Hopefully by then they will have enough depression and anxiety to commit suicide to end their misery and save tax payers a few dollars.

Did you know this is how most people raise their children? “Ironic stupidity” I call it. Do you remember when we moved to the woods and I said that you would have to saw every log with a 2 man saw if you want to be warm in the winter? Oh how some people scoffed and poked fun, right? Now just look at those self entitled brats, always thinking the world owes them something. Meanwhile, you boys are still working hard and loving life every step of the way.

What most people fail to give their kids is proper knowledge, ethics, moral fortitude and virtue. They do not have the guts to make their kids work hard. Some moronic parents even let their kids dictate what they will and will not eat. I can only imagine in anguish where the United States will be in fifty years, hopefully I will not live long enough to see it.

I hope you have more respect for my legacy and prodigy. You are good men because you have been taught well, make sure you do the same for your children. Make them work hard and practice poverty, let them appreciate a good sunset and a glass of “Cold Fresh Mountain Spring Water”. If they cannot appreciate good free things then they will be worthless people.

As parents everyone will make mistakes and I am sure that you will too but, at least, when you become fathers give your kid a chance. Let them work hard, let them figure things out for themselves, let them go hungry, cold and thirsty at times. Prove to them that you love them by letting them experience hardship under your watchful eye.

Love Dad

“ Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily.” Epictetus

Healthy Happy and Strong | Nature Merciless But Righteous

Today I would like to write to you about being healthy, happy and strong. Why is this important? Because you must love yourself and after you learn to love yourself, you will learn to love others. Self sacrifice is indeed a noble virtuous quality but ignoring your health and happiness is shameful.

When I was a kid I always ran outside in the winter time without my shirt on and sometimes in a pair of shorts. I ate healthy and I was never sick! The school would try to give me coats and sweaters but most of the time I refused them because I had a pile of them at home.

I love the cold and although I did not know it back then something remarkable was taking place inside my body. Your cardiovascular system is exercised more in the cold than at any other time. The cold has no mercy but it is honest and true. I have told you several times that sickness is caused from viruses and bacteria. Theses viruses and bacteria get into your body and cause inflammation.

Inflammation in turn is the cause of most sickness including cancer, diabetes and others. The cold eliminates inflammation and that is why I let you run around in the cold, this is also why I love to work outside in the wintertime.

This winter we will take a swim or two in Spring Creek. When we get out of the water notice your skin, it will turn red where it was in the water. This is your cardiovascular system working hard doing its job.

In the meantime I suggest that at the end of your showers please turn the water to cold and stand in it for a few minutes. The cold water will make you healthy and improve your circulation and breathing.

People today are soft always seeking comfort to the downfall of their health. Our Celtic bodies were made tough forged in Ice. People get frost bite from a lack of oxygen in their skin not because of the cold. Breathe deeply and feel the power of your body warm itself from within. Take all the oxygen you possibly can in and let that protect you from the cold.

I tell you like I have always told you and that is, wear clothing if other people are around. Otherwise you will have so many coats you will not know what to do with them all. Love the cold and embrace it, let it teach you its lessons.

ps. I am a humble student of nature.

Love Dad

Is any man afraid of change? What can take place without change? What then is more pleasing or more suitable to the universal nature? And can you take a hot bath unless the wood for the fire undergoes a change? And can you be nourished unless the food undergoes a change? And can anything else that is useful be accomplished without change? Do you not see then that for yourself also to change is just the same, and equally necessary for the universal nature? – Marcus Aurelius