I wanted to write to you about getting the most out of your human experience. As you know we are spirit beings having a human experience as I have expressed to you in the past. It does not matter what other people believe, by the time they all figure it out they will be long dead and gone from this place and moved on. So in this respect time is not on the skeptics side as it never is.

First and foremost I wanted to mention practice being in this present moment. Previously I mentioned the importance of “Memento Mori” which is “Remember That You Must Die”. However, before you know it, this human experience will be gone and what was it all for really? Well the mystery of life is not to solve a problem but to have the experience. I give my closest friends a token to remind them to appreciate their own human experience in the form of a coin.

I feel my time is short and I cannot express all what I need to before the my clock runs out and my universe changes. Not even 100 more years would be enough.

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The deep dark sewers of depression are easily avoided if you only follow my instructions. You have 3 things to look after mind, body and spirit. To forgive all is to understand all. This means having no guilt about anything. In other words forgiving yourself about anything and everything is essential no matter how many times that you have been wrong in the past. Therefore your growth will be optimal.

Compassion is essential in your human experience. One without compassion is a cesspool of loathing. Being compassionate with yourself is good practice then compassion with others is possible. Empathy, consideration, love and all good and wonderful things need to be apart of your human experience to get the most out of it.

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“Think of the life you have lived until now as over and, as a dead man, see what’s left as a bonus and live it according to Nature. Love the hand that fate deals you and play it as your own, for what could be more fitting?” – Marcus Aurelius

get the most out of our human experience
getting the most out of our human experience

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Computer programmer, nature boy, musician, Alpha Male and Stoic Philosopher rolled into one. Happiness is my goal and inspiration is how I plan to get there.

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