Today I would like to write to you about “unkind words” and how to handle those kinds of people that utilize this type of speech. Did you know that the language that we use reflects what type of people we are? It’s true! Sometimes people start off by judging your appearance because of their lack of thinking ability. Does style have anything to do with intelligence? Probably not entirely, in fact I have met some pretty challenged individuals who’s appearance was stunning at first, but then they opened their mouth.

Please remember that our speech is a reflection of ourselves and what we are inside. Gossip and slander go hand in hand with a person who is in want. What do they want, you may ask? More than likely they want admiration from you the listener, they want you to confirm that they are better than whomsoever they gossip about. What a pitiful state they live and make for themselves!

Remember that we can demonize anyone we want. Hell, I’ve heard of people who demonized Jesus Christ himself. Also remember that we can find the good in other people as well. How do we do this? Well, first we find the good in ourselves then you will understand how to find the good in others.

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When we find the good in ourselves we will naturally find the good in others. Our world becomes brighter because then we are surrounded by good people. Oh, do not fool yourself, there are toxic people out there and my recommendation for those kinds of people are to ignore them totally. Gunnery Sargent Major in the movie Heartbreak Ridge said it perfectly when he said, “Don’t give the prick the satisfaction!”.

As Stoics our belief is that we will only worry about what we can control and not worry about what we cannot control. So my sons & daughters, control yourself and use kind words always. Only a mentally inferior and weak individual will succumb to “unkind words”.

Love Dad

It takes a stronger person to be kind, be kind. – Maximus McCullough 2020

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