As you are very well aware I am a great admirer of Marcus Aurelius the King of Rome. I can only imagine all the distractions that this man had. He no doubt worried about his kingdom with people coming to him with all sorts of issues. Even being the most powerful man on earth in his time the things he went through could of made him very weary and perhaps lost but they didn’t, why?

Stoicism kindly found a way for him to be still and quiet. It was his balance in life that brought sanity to his busy mind. He found a quiet place to journal to keep himself in check with humility. No wonder why he is considered to be Romes greatest king by the people.

You my sons will no doubt be busy men but I hope that you take the time for yourselves to be quiet all by yourself. Journal as often as you can to keep your thoughts in check. Remember your virtue as you journal and see life through those glasses. Perfection is attainable and do not let the skeptics convince you otherwise.

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You can be liberal or conservative depending on the situation and company present. You can be all kinds of things to many different kinds of people. However, make sure that you are yourself in private. Know who you are and what you believe and write it down. No one needs to read it but you to learn from yourself.

Your strength will come from your weakest and most trying experiences so never be afraid. Never be afraid to fail but, fail forward. Be fulfilled in your choices and content with the things that you cannot control.

All the years I have been writing you letters I have had to do it in the still and quiet so that I can hear my thoughts speak to me. You can indeed find peace in such places and the energy is good. Your meditations will be your shield and protection, they will be your strength and your might.

Love Dad

Published by Maximus McCullough

Computer programmer, nature boy, musician, Alpha Male and Stoic Philosopher rolled into one. Happiness is my goal and inspiration is how I plan to get there.

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