I would like to talk to you about a buried treasure that I found out about several years back. The old man that told me about it drew me a map. He had silver hair and a receding hair line with many kind lines on his face. His eyes were a golden brown and he had a voice that rumbled when he spoke. You could hear the sound of his heavy footsteps across the building as he walked. The pencil in his hand looked like a toothpick as he began to draw.

Now before I tell you the rest of the story I think it is appropriate that I give you a background on why this man felt the need to draw me a map. You see sometimes people lose their way in life, they get lost. They need a guide that connects the unfamiliar with the familiar. Sometimes people are too young, gullible or confused to realize they have went astray.

There is no GPS that can take you to this particular treasure, no this treasure is something no shovel can dig and no metal detector can discover. However this treasure is in a very real place and I assure you that it does exist. I also have the map to prove it, I have had it for almost 50 years now.

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So lets get back to the story. The old man drew a circle and in that circle he drew 2 eyes a nose and a mouth. I said, “Who the heck is that Grandpa?” He said, “That is you!”.

You see my sons, my grandfather had a special way of communicating to me what self worth was. He taught me that I was very valuable and what I thought mattered. I was a treasure to my grandfather much like the both of you are a treasure to me.

Remember to take care of yourself. You cannot take care of anyone else unless you learn to take care of yourself.

ps. You both owe me 50 push ups.

Love Dad

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